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The best songs of the week

The best songs of the week



Ciaran Lavery

‘Okkervil River’


A fresh side to the songwriter’s craft from his forthcoming 2nd LP Let Bad in..

With the forthcoming release of Let The Bad in and a productive and eventful SXSW Festival behind him, Ciaran Lavery has revealed the second single from the album due on May 27th.

‘Okkervil River’ adds a fresh perspective to Lavery’s craft, moving from ambient folk pop with digital beats to brass-lead crescendo swirling around his breathy vocals.

Lavery says Let Bad In is an album based on the naivety of childhood & the loss of that innocence with age. It all started as his uncle handed him an old VHS tape with home video footage of a family trip when he was seven.

Listen to the first single ‘Return To Form’

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Arthur Beatrice

‘Every Cell’

Sophisticated English earworm pop.

Arthur Beatrice are a UK-band that I’ve cheering on ever since their stunning ‘Midland’ track a few years back.

The band’s forthcoming album Keeping The Peace, sounds like a promising one from the three songs we’ve heard thus far including ‘Since We Were Kids’ and ‘Real Life’/

‘Every Cell’ is my favourite of the three, a sophisticated indie pop featuring extra support from The Children of Kingdom Gospel Choir.

Keeping The Peace is released on 27th May through Open Assembly Recordings/Polydor Records.

The song is released tomorrow as a Record Store Day release on vinyl.

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