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The best tracks of the week

The best tracks of the week


3. Lapsley – ‘Love Is Blind’

Debut album Long Way Home drops in March on XL.

Holly Låpsley Fletcher has been working towards her debut with XL Recordings slowly and deliberately since appearing a few years ago.

Now that time is here. Long Way Home, the lady’s debut, drops on March 4th.

First single ‘Love Is Blind’ adds an extra pop spin to Fletcher’s emotive electronic textures.

You can catch Låpsley on the first Other Voices this Saturday on RTE2 at at 11.15pm.

Full post.

4. Erykah Badu – ‘Trill Friends’

The singer turns in another great unique cover.
This is starting to become a good habit to show off Badu’s talent. Take a tune of the day and improve on it. As she did with Drake’s Hotline Bling, here, Erykah Badu takes Kanye’s new track ‘Real Friends‘ and brings colour, expression and range to the beat with her vocals, as well as interpolating vocals from Whodini’s rap classic ‘Friends’.

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