Today, I kick off a four-part series feature where I share a selection of 40 artists polled from 40 people who I’d consider arbiters of good taste in the new music department from musicians to bloggers to radio heads to writers to label heads and everything in-between. The idea of the list is to discover something you may have missed in the course of the last year or so. These are new artists in the sense that they are on one album or less, generally are not hugely well known yet and are the kind of names if, you haven’t been paying attention over the last year, will get you up to speed on new music and hopefully if you’re already up to speed, you’ll uncover something else to get excited about. This is the first of four parts, in no particular order, in which answer the question: “What are your five best new musical discoveries of the year?”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Thanks to Muiris Dunworth for creating a Spotify playlist of 34 of the artists. A Deezer version is here.


From: Glasgow, Scotland.
Chosen by: The Pop Cop.

CHVRCHES have generated a buzz of viral proportions since emerging this summer, attracting the sort of feverish excitement that hasn’t been afforded to a Scottish act since Franz Ferdinand emerged in 2003. The three members are familiar faces in the Glasgow scene through their roles in The Twilight Sad, The Unwinding Hours and Blue Sky Archives, but it seems certain that CHVRCHES will shine the brightest. While the electro scuzz of ‘Lies’ was the first song that drew admiring glances, their unfathomably wonderful, wondrous debut single proper ‘The Mother We Share’ is undoubted Song of the Year material – a dreamy, blissed-out track that would send clubbers home with pacifistic instincts at closing time. This is group who know how to make credible precision pop – and very few artists can say that.(Jason, The Pop Cop)