DJ Koze’s remix of Lapsley’s ‘Operator’ is the remix of the summer, a sunshine disco curtain-closer.

A 10-minute extended version of the song was released on 12″ but now there’s a video for the radio edit directed by Cherise Payne and conceived by Låpsley.

“The video Is inspired by an amazing night after my first ever Berlin show, when a group of friends took me out and introduced me to the city’s drag scene. That night’s stayed with me ever since and I wanted to pay homage and say thank you – this video’s as much for that scene as it is for me. Berlin’s also the city that first embraced Koze’s brilliant Operator edit so I wanted to return there to make the video, and try and create something that feels really timeless.”

Posted on August 22nd, 2016

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Lapsley – Operator (DJ Koze remix)

A firm festival DJ favourite if Body&Soul is anything to go by.

‘Operator (He Doesn’t Call Me)’ from Lapsley’s debut Long Way Home already has a laid-back disco swing to it.

DJ Koze’s version of the track beefs up the track’s club dynamics and stretches it out over 10 minutes of lush disco. Check out the extended disco remix of the track as aired on Annie Mac in a shorter forms. The official release is to come but it is a doozy.


Clams Casino – ‘All Nite’ feat. Vince Staples

The producer is back with a vengeance.

From his long-awaited debut album 32 Levels (July 15) which features a impressive guest list: Kelela, Samuel T. Herring (Future Islands), Joe Newman (alt-J), A$AP Rocky and Lil B. ‘All Nite’ has more bite than Clams’ entire clouded output prior to this.


Portishead – ‘SOS’

Portishead dedicate their bleak Abba ‘SOS’ cover to Jo Cox.

Portishead’s dystopian and brilliantly bleak cover of Abba’s ‘SOS’, from the soundtrack to the movie High-Rise starring Tom Hiddleston is a chilling soundtrack to the very real Brexit leave vote that’s happening in the UK today. The video ends with a quote from Jo Cox, the UK Labour politician killed last week. “We have far more in common than that which divides us,” it offers. On dark days like this, strangely, the ever-bleak Portishead attempt to offer some sludged hope.


Adultrock – Push And Pull

Adultrock’s Talabot-esque analogue dance cut is out now.

Gavin Elsted is my DJ cohort in Lumo Club (Body & Soul went well [video] so we’re looking forward to this Saturday), a Newbridge man (along with myself, Mmoths, DJ Deece, Knoxville Morning, Mix & Fairbanks, and Cinema to name a few, the Kildare town clearly likes its tunes), a former Super Extra Bonus Partyer and producer in his own right under the Adultrock name.

His debut EP on Bodytonic two years ago, found its way to the hands of Annie Mac, James Holden and John Talabot and this Friday, the label will release his second EP Push And Pull, three-tracks of melodic analogue electronic synth music with a chillwave haze and a dancefloor vision.

Lead track ‘Push And Pull’ is Elsted’s first vocal track with the refrain “How can you do it? How can you be so strong? Even if it all feels wrong,” set to synth arpeggios, crisp house rhythms and a rolling bassline that recalls Talabot at his best.

Push And Pull EP is out today via Bodytonic on 12″ and digitally. Bodytonic also released new music from Manzana Kicks and Ocho recently.

Adultrock plays the Nialler9 Stage at Interlude this Sunday evening.


The Avalanches – ‘Subways’

A magical callback to their debut.
The Avalanches’ three songs from forthcoming album WildFlower have improved upon each other which is a relief.

If ‘Frankie Sinatra’ is a novelty rap song with decent guests, ‘Colours’ is effective moody psychedelia then ‘Subways’ is a magical callback to the sample tapestry of Since I Left You. It’s coincidentally the first song we’ve heard without a guest vocal. Samples include the Bar-Kays’ ‘Sang And Dance’,   Chandra’s ‘Subways‘ and Bee Gees’ Warm Ride’.


Flores – ‘Ocean’

Svelte Norwegian R&B.

Produced by Maths Time Joy, this new track from the UK producer features a vocal that sounds exactly like Kelela and stays on that future electronic R&B tip.

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Posted on June 24th, 2016

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‘Operator (He Doesn’t Call Me)’ from Lapsley’s debut Long Way Home already has a laid-back disco swing to it.

DJ Koze’s version of the track beefs up the track’s club dynamics and stretches it out over 10 minutes of lush disco. Check out the extended disco remix of the track as aired on Annie Mac in two shorter forms. The official release is to come for this but you can hear all 10 minutes of the song on my TXFM show Thursday night from 10.

Posted on June 15th, 2016

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Kendrick Lamar

‘untitled 03 05.28.2013’

kendrick-lamar-6A surprise demo album called untitled unmastered. dropped Thursday night.

Kendrick Lamar’s untitled unmastered. in its title and track listing suggests a temporary unfinished state. A collection of demos recorded from 2013 to 2016 without a place to go. Lamar has performed two of these songs live on TV shows Colbert and Fallon, but they’ve evolved much since these recordings. This temporary missive gives those songs a home while also showing us a jazzier side to his craft.

Despite this status, there’s much to enjoy and most of it comes from Lamar’s rhymes. An appearance from CeeLo Green is a highlight but the most well-rounded track is ‘untitled 03 05.28.2013’, an urgent rhyme matched by a celebratory beat that sounds close to completion.



‘Do It, Try It’

M83’s new song is grandiose and cheesy yet great

The music of Anthony Gonzalez, M83, over his discography has transformed from ambient electronic pop to the kind of large-scale electronic compositions that work well juxtaposed with Hollywood blockbusters. Sitting in between, was an 80s-inspired synth electronic pop that brought the former to the latter.

Nostalgic grandiosity has always been key to M83’s music.

On Junk, the new forthcoming album (April 8th), arriving five years after Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming and that album’s apex – ‘Midnight City’, Gonzalez says he’s returned to the influences of his early career – Tangerine Dream, Kevin Shields, Aphex Twin and Brian Wilson, yet has tried to expand his sound again.

That epic quality is still evident on the album’s first single, after all Gonzalez excels at it. ‘Do It, Try It’ has its backbone in synth and electronic pop and pushes into ’80s French pop, ’80s prog and as the chorus suggests – “A dance on repeat / A trance of a heartbeat”, a kinship with dance music’s more euphoric elements.

“Listen to a sound of a new tomorrow,” the song’s introduction goes. When it comes to M83, the sound of tomorrow, is always primarily the past, and it works.

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Posted on March 7th, 2016

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Holly Låpsley Fletcher has been working towards her debut with XL Recordings slowly and deliberately since appearing a few years ago.

Now that time is here. Long Way Home, the lady’s debut, drops on March 4th.

First single ‘Love Is Blind’ adds an extra pop spin to Fletcher’s emotive electronic textures.

You can catch Låpsley on the first Other Voices this Saturday on RTE2 at at 11.15pm.

“It’s an autobiography of my emotions and events over the past year. Everything that’s happened, I’ve channelled in some way into a song – whether that’s the theme of a long distance relationship, or something that he’s said, or the way that I’ve felt, or an argument. I only revisit the memories of that relationship when I go into the studio. I think it’s helped me, to be able to collect everything for those moments when I’m writing. I think that’s what’s driven this album.”

On dealing with producers on her album:

 “They didn’t want to listen to me or they think a girl’s just there to add a top line, or they come to the table with ideas already. Straight away if I come in to a studio and someone says ‘I’ve written something for you’, then I’ll just walk out. I don’t care. I’m not there for that.”

The album was largely recorded with XL’s in-house producer Rodaidh McDonald with two tracks recorded with Paul O’Duffy. Mura Masa worked on the album’s last track ‘Seven Months’.

Long Way Home track list:

1. Heartless
2. Hurt Me
3. Falling Short
4. Cliff
5. Operator (He Doesn’t Call Me)
6. Painter
7. Tell Me The Truth
8. Station
9. Love Is Blind
10. Silverlake
11. Leap
12. Seven Months

Posted on January 19th, 2016



Other Voices returns to Dingle in from Friday December 4th to Sunday 6th for its 14th year, this year with 70 acts playing over the weekend in St. James Church and on the music trail.

Announced as the first acts to play this year are:

Richard Hawley, Lapsley, Gaz Coombes, Gavin James and Otherkin

More additions will follow in the coming weeks. The open call for bands to play the last IMRO Other Room slot are now open until November 16th.

Free Banter talks by Jim Carroll, along with the music trail and live streaming across the weekend in pubs of the town ensure that even if you don’t have a ticket for the Church, you can have a great weekend.

As for getting tickets? All tickets for the main filmed events in St. James’ Church are raffled through competitions.

Other Voices is supported by RTÉ, the Wild Atlantic Way, Fáilte Ireland, IMRO and the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Posted on November 11th, 2015


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It’s no surprise to hear Låpsley’s new music move into more of a pop sphere. It follows the now well-trodden trajectory of a label-signed artist, who releases the more indie-sounding singles early on to blog-buzz before crossing over into a larger consciousness.

Except this time, that label is XL Recordings and the artist, Liverpool’s Holly Fletcher aka Låpsley has already established a unique sound – a brittle dropped vocal electronic ambient style. New single ‘Hurt Me’ just crystallises that sound for a larger audience without compromising the overall style. Fletcher’s vocals grow in stature and reach and the result is a larger sonic scape, that isn’t a million miles away from the feel of Grimes’ recent work.

The B-side ‘Hurt Me’ is more like the Lapsley you know, and is equally beguiling.

Listen on Apple Music.

Buy on iTunes.

Posted on August 20th, 2015



The new music playlist is also available on Spotify and Apple Music. Updated weekly.

New music chart

  1. Majical Cloudz – ‘Silver Car Crash
  2. Girl Band – ‘Paul’
  3. Battles – ‘The Yabba’
  4. John Grant – ‘Disappointing’ feat. Tracey Thorn
  5. FKA Twigs – ‘In Time’
  6. Dr. Dre -‘Genocide’ feat. Kendrick Lamar
  7. Tirzah – ‘make It Up’
  8. Planet Parade – ‘Blue Sky’
  9. Raf Riley – ‘Summer’
  10. James Vincent McMorrow – ‘How To Waste A Moment’
  11. Jamie Woon – ‘Sharpness’
  12. Paradise 100 – ‘Heat.wav’
  13. Nozinja Feat. Mumdance, Micachu and Tirzah – ‘Thinking Of You’
  14. R I T U A L – ‘Josephine’ feat. Lisa Hannigan
  15. Lapsley – ‘Burn’
  16. Somadrone – ‘Invitation’ feat. Richie Jape
  17. Gwilym Gold – ‘I Know, I Know’
  18. Golden Rules – ‘Don’t Be’
  19. Mick Jenkins – ‘Your Love’
  20. Donnacha Costello – ‘Farewell

Playmoss version (most tracks

Soundcloud version

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Posted on August 17th, 2015

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Having just been announced to play Electric Picnic in September, the young Liverpool singer Låpsley has released a video for a standout track from her recent XL Recordings EP Understudy.

The video has Holly Lapsley Fletcher on a car journey / reminiscing about a night out directed by Cherise Payne & Låpsley but it’s really an opportunity to shine a light on a great track.

Previously: Låpsley is a singer on the way up – here’s live proof

‘Falling Short’

Posted on March 4th, 2015