Here’s a roundup of all the Record Store Day Ireland activity for April 20th so far. If you’ve anything to add, leave a comment below. Record Store Day is the opportunity to celebrate music and the places that facilitate not just the purchasing of music but the sharing of ideas and information, where friendships are made, where bands are formed, where music is played, where that song you’ve never heard before stops you in your tracks and you must know what it is. Record Store Day is about music people not limited edition exorbitantly priced 7″ singles. Show some love.

First up, a full list of records stores participating in Ireland and the list of special releases available worldwide.


Elastic Witch will have lots going on on the day but before that Gib Cassidy will be releasing one of the best albums of the year so far on vinyl on the first release on Elastic Witch Records – I Am The CosmosMonochrome. Limited to 250 copies only and for sale in the shop.