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The best tracks of the week playlist

The best tracks of the week playlist


These songs represent my favourite 10 tracks of last week. Check the new music section. The new music playlist is available on Spotify and is updated weekly.

New music chart

  1. Saint Sister – ‘Blue Moon’
  2. T.P.M. – ‘All The Boys On The Dole’
  3. Pleasure Beach – ‘Dreamer To The Dawn’
  4. Kisses – ‘A Groove’
  5. Katie Laffan – ‘Ego’
  6. Chairlift – ‘Ch-Ching’
  7. Keep Shelly In Athens – ‘Silent Rain’
  8. Conor Walsh – ‘The Front’
  9. Mano Le Tough – ‘Empty Early Years And The Seed’
  10. Sophie – ‘Like We Never Said Goodbye’
  11. Paddy Hanna — ‘Underprotected’

Soundcloud playlist:

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Spotify playlist