It’s been too long but Cadence Weapon is baaack. And on a beat by fellow Canadian Kaytranada? Sweet.

‘My Crew (Woooo)’ is a fresh reintroduction to Rollie Pemberton. It’s his first since 2012’s Hope In Dirt City from the former Edmonton poet laureate and is inspired by his time spent in Montreal. Rollie says the song is “an anthem about unapologetically being who you want to be, no matter what anybody else thinks.”

“There’s a sense of personal freedom that’s unique to Montreal and ‘My Crew (Woooo)’ is a representation of that feeling. It’s a song about defying the labels that people try to place on artists. Is it underground? Mainstream? Conscious? Trap? Who cares, as long as it sounds dope.”

It is dope indeed.

Spotify and iTunes.

Posted on February 24th, 2017

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From Arbutus Records, the home of recently featured TOPS, comes Paula who is actually a dude called David Carriere who eh, is also in TOPS. The lo-fi eight-track album Relaxed Fit is released today is rugged and raw and teeming with retromania influences of ’70s punk and ’80s synthpop, sort of like finding an unknown cassette of demos from the era in a second hand shop.

The synthpop jam of ‘Change The Subject’ is probably the standout so far and features Cadence Weapon.

Posted on November 22nd, 2011


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Here is the first single from Night Horses, the second album from SEBP with Cadence Weapon on vocals. It’s got a bit of everything: layered, swirling guitar riffs, a catchy chorus, beats, melancholic lyrics about life on the road, driving bass guitar, scratching and an energetic blippy synth-led outro. A video for the tune is in the works at the moment.

As for the album as a whole: It’s a different beast to their debut for sure. Still as eclectic as ever; it takes in hip-hop, rock, folk, electronica and pop but more cohesively so, largely down to the fact that all seven members of the band worked on this one together where their debut was largely a result of four members. R.S.A.G. adds vocal and percussion to the bouncy synth and horns workout of ‘Who Are You And What Do You Want?’, Mr. Lif features on The Knife-esque epic electronica of ‘Thin Air’, Heathers do wonders on the sunny pop of ‘Comets’, ‘Do Incio Ao Fim’ with Rodrigo Teles is built on a great old-school hip-hop sample, May Kay of Fight Like Apes throws tantrums atop the rocking ‘Eamonn’, Ireland’s best native rapper Captain Moonlight’s lyrics are impressive on ‘Tea With Lord Haw Haw’ (In fact, the album has some real depth lyrically), Ann Scott helps out on the folktronica of ‘Sonora’ and there’s some surprisingly lush instrumentals towards the end. Night Horses is out in May and the tour dates are in the more.

Full Disclosure: I help out with visuals and artwork for SEBP.

Super Extra Bonus Party feat Cadence Weapon – Radar


Posted on April 22nd, 2009

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SEBP’s second album Night Horses will be released in May (the 1st I think) and features contributions from Cadence Weapon, Mr. Lif, Heathers, May Kay of Fight Like Apes, R.S.A.G, Captain Moonlight, Ann Scott and White Noise amongst others. Check back here next Wednesday to grab ‘Radar’ – the Cadence Weapon collaboration and lead single from the album as an MP3.

The cover was illustrated by Stephen Mooney. Tracklisting and tour info after the jump. Disclosure – I do visuals and artwork layout for the band.


Posted on April 17th, 2009


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So the followup to the Super Extra Bonus Party debut album looks imminent for May, according to their site’s latest update. Night Horses will be another collaborative affair with some special guest vocalists to be revealed soon. The first single will be ‘Radar’ which features Cadence Weapon and a video is currently in the works.

From what I’ve heard so far, it is definitely a step away from the sound of the first LP. It’s darker, more cerebral, more band-orientated, more cohesive but still surprising. I’m looking forward to hearing the end product. A couple of videos featuring live versions new songs are after the jump. Here’s a video of the band recording some “fiery” drums.

Super Extra Bonus Party – Favourite Things

Super Extra Bonus Party – Everything Flows (Jape’s Flow remix)

You can still get the Remix album for free.

Photo by Sara.


Posted on February 16th, 2009

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Another Cadence Weapon collaboration, this time with Shuttle, an electronic musician out of Massachusetts from his Tunnel EP coming on Ninja Tune in March. Shuttle also works as a remixer under the moniker Etan and it’s fitting that he reworked Daedelus’ ‘Hrs:Mins:Secs’ as this track touches those kind of cornerstones.

Shuttle – Rotten Guts feat. Cadence Weapon

Daedelus – Hrs: Mins: Seconds (Etan’s Greenwich Mean Report)

Posted on February 4th, 2009


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New mixtape from Rollie serves as a nice stopgap between Afterparty Babies and what comes after it. It collates his remixes with some of his collaborations (including a sneak peek at a new Bonus Party track).

01 – Roll With The Winners (Prod. Herve & A-Trak)
02 – The Cansecos “Rise Up” (Cadence Weapon Mix)
03 – Pretty Girls Make Raves (Prod. Stuffa, Mapei and Sinden)
04 – Mini T.V.’s (Chad Vangaalen Cover, Live ft. Final Fantasy)
05 – Sailboats Are White “SAW” (Cadence Weapon Hi-Speed Edit)
06 – Sally Shapiro “He Keeps Me Alive” (Cadence Weapon Mix)
07 – Bad Graffiti (Prod. Murge)
08 – Roland Pemberton III “Rupture Vers Le Haut”
09 – The Morning After (Prod. C-Sekshun)
10 – RJD2 “Sweet Piece” (Cadence Weapon’s Ladykiller Remix)
11 – Kennedy Curse
12 – Kid Sister “Damn Girl” (Cadence Weapon Remix)
13 – Shout Out Out Out Out “Coming Home (We Do Acid)” (Demo)
14 – Busdriver “Sun Shower” (Cadence Weapon`s Raleigh Remix)
15 – Junior Bloomsday “Your Perfect Gene” (ft. Cadence Weapon)
16 – The Wet Secrets “The Chinball Wizard” (Cadence Weapon’s Samir-Themed Remix)
17 – House Music Medley (Bird Peterson, A1 Bassline, The Cansecos)
18 – Super Extra Bonus Party “Radar (Demo)”
19 – Roots Manuva “Buff Nuff” (Cadence Weapon Tuff Mix)
20 – The D.B. Buxton Revue “Sex With My Ex” (Cadence Weapon’s No Sex Mix)

Cadence Weapon – The Morning After

Roots Manuva – Buff Nuff (Cadence Tuff mix)

Download the mixtape/ Name your price @

Posted on January 19th, 2009

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My virgin attendance at a Public Enemy gig and I probably picked the best possible one to open my account with. PE performing one of my first and favourite rap albums It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.. in its entirey as part of the Don’t Look Back concert series, well I had expectations but didn’t expect them to be matched.

How wrong I was. 21 years after the fact and the PE machine is still very much in effect. Chuck D and Flava Flav are legends, no matter how many times their pre-show hype men repeatedly remind us, it still rings true. They are looking older now, no doubt. Chuck is 48, Flava is 49 but both of them have the energy of two six year olds.

Posted on May 26th, 2008

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I love reading those pieces in magazines where artists are asked what’s on their stereo / iPod etc. I remember Buck 65 recommending John Fahey for example. So with that in mind, here’s a list of recommendations from artists I’ve interviewed lately. Hope you find something of interest. I’m digging Holy Fuck-recommended The Oscillations.

Cadence Weapon

Clipse/ Re-Up Gang – We Got It For Cheap Mixtape Vol. 3
Trim – Soul Food Vol. 2– (Grime rapper from London)

Foals – Edwin

“There’s a guy from Bristol called Peverelist who makes the most amazing rhythmically complex music that has a dancefloor edge but just blows my head off. There’s a new Charlottefield record out and another band called Dananananaykroyd. A weird name, a fucking weird name [Note: it took me a long long time to Google those fuckers]. It’s kind of like Fugazi and Minutemen.”

Posted on April 2nd, 2008


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Podcast Feb

Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit vinyl artwork

It took us a while to get around to this one with everything going on but the tunes below are representative of what I’ve been listening to for the last month. Most importantly, they are still getting played. Think of it as a snapshot of February. Thanks to Aoife for presenting.

Podcast #12 – February 08

  1. Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band – X-Ray [X-Ray Spirit]
  2. Amplive feat. Del The Funkee Homosapien – Videotapez [Rainydayz Remixes]
  3. Cadence Weapon – Gettin’ Dumb [Afterparty Babies]
  4. Neon Neon – I Lust You [Stainless Style]
  5. Foals – Olympic Airwaves [Antidotes]
  6. Waiting Room – Denis [Roughage: Road Relish Compilation]
  7. The Jimmy Cake -Jetta’s Palace [Spectre & Crown ]
  8. Clark – New Year Storm [Turning Dragon]
  9. Freestylers – Ruffneck [An England Story: the Culture of the MC in the UK 1983-2008]
  10. Storkboy Choons – Rockfield Symphony [Supporting Casiotone for the Painfully Alone] in Whelans March 9th]
  11. Vampire Weekend – A-Punk [Vampire Weekend]

nialler9 Podcast #12 -February 2008 (MP3)

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Posted on February 27th, 2008


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What about Super Extra Bonus Saturday?

The Boners will play their first headline Dublin show in Whelans since the last bit of madness way back in August, so I’m looking forward to it. It’s all to promote the Everything Flows 12″ Blue Vinyl (cover designed by yours truly) they are releasing which features remixes from Cadence Weapon, Jape and Nouveaunoise. Also appearing on Saturday is sound-out hip-hop MC from Kilkenny Captain Moonlight and Nouveaunoise. Doors at 8pm, tickets are €10 and the Vinyl is on sale at the gig for €10.

For those in Newbridge, tomorrow night sees SEBP in the Riverbank Theatre. Full tour dates below.

Check this Cadence Weapon remix of “Everything Flows” from the new EP.

Super Extra Bonus Party – Everything Flows (Cadence Weapon remix)



Posted on February 7th, 2008

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