With so many releases flying at you, here are recommended vetted listens from Nialler9 for you this week, as collated in the Nialler9 New Releases Spotify playlist, updated weekly.


John Grant

Love Is Magic

For his fourth solo album, John Grant diverts from piano-soaked balladry and transforms into an electro court jester, having fun experimenting with analogue synthesizers in collaboration with Benge (Ben Edwards) and playful performances about manipulation, preppy boys and smug cunts. The core of the album doesn’t lose Grant’s deep emotional connection and lyrical prowess. Some of the album feels like explorations into artifice for fun but there’s certainly Grant’s beating heart here, whether it resonates as much as his previous material, time will tell.



Drømmen drømmerne drømmer

Norwegian synthwave group Hubbabubbaklubb’s Drømmen drømmerne drømmer is one of the most unique releases of the week. Filled with tight grooves and explosive synth ornamentation, the group have tapped into a Giorgio Marauder-esque style of electronic music production. Signed to Snorkel Records, the album is the group’s first full-length release. Album highlight ‘Mopedbart’ is the perfect example of the group’s ultra-slick sound design. A track which blends 70s funk rhythms, synthwave aesthetic and pop melodies into one blissful whole. Music that oozes cool and charisma at every note.


St. Vincent


St.Vincent’s Masseduction was a big deal. It’s the album that absolutely cemented the Oklahoma native’s position as one of contemporary rock’s premiere artists. Her choice to reissue and redesign the album under the title MassEducation is telling of her artistic vision. This collection of stripped back songs is at first glance, devoid of the lush production and over the top instrumentation which made the album so popular in the first place. However, the skeletal renditions of tracks like ‘Los Ageless’ and ‘Saviour’ just highlight the obvious truth. The songs St.Vincent wrote for Masseduction are golden from the foundation up.


Kurt Vile

Bottle It In

Kurt Vile’s Bottle It In is the artist’s most personal work to date. Signed to Matador records, the Pennsylvania native turns his woozy and sprawling brand of rock and roll to refreshingly new pastures on this new album. Gone is the vague aloofness which has plagued much of his studio work to date. Bottle It In is at its best when Vile is at his most direct. Tracks like ‘Hysteria’ and ‘Come Again’ are among the best on offer. Unfortunately, there’s a fair dose of filler material on the album, which can be a bit of an endurance trial at an hour and twenty minutes long.


We Cut Corners


Dublin indie rockers We Cut Corner’s continue their partnership with the Delphi label on their fourth studio album Imposters. The album shifts away from the lush instrumentation of 2016’s The Cadences Of Others and finds a renewed focus on the duo’s shared chemistry. Tracks like ‘Original Sin’ and ‘Eke’ find the sweet balance the group have honed throughout their discography. That being a hyper-indie rock sound with an intellectually inspired lyricism.


Colter Wall

Songs Of The Plains

Canadian plainsman Colter Wall takes a leap in quality on Songs Of The Plains. A lo-fi project that’s filled with Americana styled folk music and tales of life on the road. Wall’s sandpaper voice still absolutely steals the show. At times, it sounds like the artist’s vocals are coming from a century back, a marvel considering he’s only 23 years old. With an acoustic guitar and some barebones Nashville accompaniment, Wall mesmerises the listener. Whether it be the braggadocious ‘Saskatchewan in 1881’ or the lovesick ‘Wild Dogs’, Wall proves he’s very much the real deal on Songs Of The Plains.




Berlin-based five-piece Parcels’ self-titled debut LP is a joyous journey threw nu-funk and art pop. The album openers on a distinctly upbeat note with ‘Comedown’, with a chord progression straight out of Vulfpeck’s playbook. However, the vocal delivery which comes in shortly thereafter showcases just how much more emotional depth Parcels have over many of their contemporaries. Awash with a sweet melancholy, the band explode from a chorus into the razor sharp ‘Lightenup’. It’s a superb moment and one that’s typical of the content on Parcels, an album that will appeal to both mainstream and aficionado audiences.


Auntie Flo

Radio Highlife

Released on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings, Radio Highlife perfectly slots into an imprint of sound that the BBC DJ is known for: jazz and funk-inflected afrobeats. The Glasgow-based producer of Goan-Kenyan stock, explores music of wide origin in a similar vein to Bonobo: there’s field recordings of life in cities, percussion workouts, 808 jams, West African guitars and Latin rhythms. It all feels genuine and Auntie Flo is clearly in thrall to his places of inspiration.


Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Out Of Touch

The Finnish multi-instrumentalist has always mined a sort of sleek and suave alt-pop that feels vitally indebted to the eighties with drum machine beats, sophisticated arrangements and his fifth album is no different, and it’s most welcome. Out Of Touch refers to a forced loss of connectivity with the modern world (switching the phone off), what Jaakko calls an “essential, blissed out” state, and the album reinforces that with feeling, a soft playful calm revelling in that worldly disconnect.


Connan Mockasin

Jass Busters

New Zealand native and yacht rock maestro Connan Mockasin’s Jass Busters is a lucid melodrama. Mockasin’s very singular creative vision warps classic 70’s psych rock sounds and 80s synth wave idioms into his own ends. A brief project, at only 8 songs totalling just over a half an hour, Jass Busters can be frustratingly slow to get to the point at times. However, Mockasin sticks the landing more often than not, with tracks like ‘Charlotte’s Thong’ and ‘Con Conn Was Impatient’ being among the best psych cuts of 2018. Mockasin proves again that he’s got all the substance to back up his idiosyncratic style.


Marissa Nadler

For My Crimes

The follow up to 2016’s Bury Your Name sees folk artist Marissa Nadler forgo the lush string ornamentation of that project for an icy minimalism. For My Crimes is a winter album. One which finds the artist turning inwards and adopting a blunt self-inspection. The opening track, from which the album takes its name, frames the thematic context which the rest of the project will follow. Written from the perspective of a criminal awaiting execution in the morning, Nadler carries that characters’ frantic desire to map out her thoughts for the following ten songs. The album highlight comes right at the end, with the haunting ‘Said Goodbye To That Car’. An album fit for overcoats and scarfs.


Arvo Party


Belfast electronic producer Herb Magee returns with the followup to his Northern Irish Music Prize-nominated debut and it’s a fine and engaging collection of electronic music informed by neo-classical contemporary music and ambient composers. Think Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds with shades of upbeat electronic music in the mix.


Jerry Paper

Like A Baby

A new signing on Stones Throw, LA musician’s Lucas Nathan’s debut solo album draws from psychedelic R&B, Beach Boys sunny pop, Steely Dan soft rock and Stereolab-style indie music. All sold references. Guests include Charlotte Day Wilson , Mile High Club and Weyes Blood and coproduction is by Matty Tavares of BadBadNotGood.


David August


German producer and DJ David August’s D’Angelo finds the artist undertaking a significant change in style and even genre. D’Angelo is a project of neon electronica. Cut from the same cloth as the Darkside project, the album is packed with woozy disco grooves, eerie synths and woozy vocal lines. The obvious inspiration aside, tracks like ‘D’Angelo’ and ‘True Heart’ have flashes of the superb. Blending ambient, post-rock and dark disco in the same breath, August continues to push the envelope throughout this new release. Its also the closest fans will get to something like a new Darkside album for the foreseeable future.


Matthew Dear


The shapeshifting artist Matthew Dear returns with his first album in six years under his own name. In the underground dance scene (if you can call it that), Matthew Dear remains an outlier, an artist capable of variation: of pop, of house, (as Audion), thumping dance music or sonic heartbreak and everything in-between. Bunny is an album that feels informed by it all and Dear plays the whole thing as if it was a Bowie experimental pop album (his voice can sound like he’s doing an impression of the great croon) with urgent textured tech-house music, post-punk and guest vocals from Tegan & Sara. Dear has softened into a cool and curious alt-pop space. 

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St. Vincent is due to release a stripped-down reimagined version of her 2017 album Masseduction with MassEducation ( the title it was often confused for in the first place) on October 12 on Loma Vista.

MassEducation was recorded live in the studio over two nights in August 2017 while the mixing for last year’s album at Electric Lady was happening, It was performed entirely by Annie Clark on vocals and Thomas Bartlett on piano with Clark describing the album as “two dear friends playing songs together with the kind of secret understanding one can only get through endless nights in New York City.”

You can hear ‘Savior’ and ‘Slow Slow Disco’ now:

MassEducation tracklist

Slow Disco
Fear The Future
Smoking Section
Los Ageless
New York
Young Lover
Happy Birthday
Hang On Me

Posted on October 3rd, 2018



As the dust settles on another Electric Picnic, the fifteenth one to be precise, it’s worth reflecting on the Goliath that Ireland’s biggest music festival has become. This year felt like a bit of a turning point for the Stradbally festival. While the weekend had originally been intended as a space for more alternative acts than the likes of Oxegen was providing in the mid-00’s, it seems like the gradual progression toward that sort of more mainstream lineup and demographic is complete.

Sure there are plenty of experimental acts and unique experiences to be discovered by those willing to look for them, but most seem content to hang out at the main stage waiting for Dua Lipa instead (she did put on an excellent show to the biggest crowd of the weekend). Many will bemoan this transformation, but it’s a natural progression – one which reflects the changing nature of the demographic which attends Electric Picnic and the sort of music they want to see. Everything changes. Electric Picnic once answered that call but the likes of All Together Now, Another Love Story, Beatyard, Forbidden Fruit, Metropolis and Knockanstockan, all of which didn’t exist when EP launched, now cater to the alternative without having to go near the huge radio mainstream acts like Picture This and Walking On Cars.

At the same time, the Picnic is huge, so Dublin satirical rappers Versatile were the talk of the weekend among the people we chatted to and there was still space for Denis Sulta to attract a huge crowd to Rankin’s Wood Stage on Sunday like some sort of Scottish Pied Piper of high repute, calling the youngest demographic from the campsite for some 4/4.

One core aspect of the Picnic remains. It’s still a music festival. Last weekend Stradbally played host to some of the country’s and the world’s premiere musical talent. From demigods like Kendrick Lamar to exciting new prospects like the effervescent Nilufer Yanya. Between trips back to the campsite for supplies and hang out sessions in Trailer park’s Tiki bar, we were lucky to listen to a few of them do what they do best. Here are 13 of the Nialler9 team’s Electric Picnic 2018 musical highlights. Words by Luke Sharkey and Ruth Cronin.


King Krule

Archie Marshall takes to the Rankin’s Wood stage amidst the gale force giddiness of a Saturday night at Electric Picnic. Having released The Ooz, his second album, last year and hit the road ever since, King Krule and his band are road tested and professional. His performance is pure lean physique. It’s a serious show and fronted by a serious showman. Centre stage amid a large musical ensemble, Krule’s presence and narrow grimace seems to emit a gravitational pull, attracting a huge crowd.

‘Dum Surfer’ comes early. Played way above the tempo on the studio version and with far more tangible punk overtones. Krule’s guitar moans while him and the backing singers exchange the frantic lines of the verses. It’s actually hard to hear him scream the chorus above the crowd and it’s not because of any mixing issues. Something in the energy of his delivery taps into the crowd, producing one of the rowdiest spectacles of the weekend. By the time the opening bars of ‘Easy Easy’ roll around toward the end of the set, the entire tent is one blissful swaying mass, arm in arm celebrating and singing with one of Electric Picnic’s absolute stand-out acts. – Luke


St. Vincent

St. Vincent draws a large crowd to the Electric Arena on Sunday night. The singer is dressed (inappropriately for a muddy festival) in a neon pink PVC dress and thigh high boots, while the faces of her band members are concealed by brown mesh, making them impossible to decipher. The upbeat set is complemented by a stunning display of strange visuals featuring St. Vincent in unusual situations; in one she punches herself repeatedly in the face with a floral boxing glove, in another she wears strap-on breasts while staring pensively from a dental chair.

The emphasis of the set is on her latest album Masseduction which saw release last year, with revised older material weaving in and out. The over-arching theme of power relationships is prevalent throughout; at one stage an inscrutable man dressed in a large coat and concealed face menacingly circles St. Vincent before handing her a guitar, at which point she shouts “let’s fight the powers that be!” and launches into the irresistible opening riff of ‘Fear The Future’. Her guitar virtuosity is evident; she shreds up and down the neck of her self-designed Ernie Bell guitar with rigour and ease. ‘Los Ageless’ and ‘Pills’ are highlights, as is the new and improved ‘Digital Witness’ from her Grammy award-winning self-titled album from 2015. ‘New York’ is an unusual song to close with due to its slow tempo, but it is one of the best received nonetheless and showcases an alternative, softer side to St. Vincent’s personality that we rarely see. – Ruth



Photo: Tara Thomas.

The rising Softboy MC had played at Other Voices Stage earlier on Sunday to a packed crowd and later, in the night, he took to the Little Big Tent, a larger space to command for any act. To his credit, the artist handles the larger space perfectly. It’s a good sign when the venue is fuller at the end of a performance than at the beginning and Kojaque goes from having five or six rows of people to a three-quarter full tent by the end, an impressive feat. Performing with fellow label head Kean Kavanagh on the decks, the MC rips through renditions of ‘White Noise’ and ‘Last Pint’ from Deli Daydreams for starters.

A little bit of saxophone over an immaculate version of ‘Bubby’s Cream’ is the perfect mid-set pick me up adding depth of character to the overall performance. Then Luka Palm comes on to perform the pair’s recent collaborative single ‘Date Night’ and the entire crowd sets on fire. It’s a glorious moment and another milestone in one of the country’s best performers career. Onwards and upwards. – Luke


Nilufer Yanya

London-based soulful indie artist Nilufer Yanya had caught my ear in the lead up to the weekend with the wonderful material on her latest EP Do You Like Pain?. Equal parts soulful, pop and melancholy, her astute lyricism and commanding melodies had me rushing to catch the start of her Sunday afternoon set. While sometimes an artist, especially a newer one, can fail to live up to expectations, this was not the case with Yanya’s performance. Her 45-minute set was a pleasure to watch.

One thing which might not come through on her studio material is just how talented a guitar played the artist is. Playing without a plectrum, her hand lies curled up atop the instrument’s body, recoling in time to the beat to pluck out a sweet chord. Between that and her wonderful backing band, featuring sweet melodic additions from a tenor saxophone, Yanya’s set is one of the most enthralling and exciting of the entire weekend. -Luke


Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice’s music has transitioned in recent years, with their last album leaning more towards indie-pop than their rock-infused earlier material, but the amount of people in the arena shows that the transition has lost them no Irish fans. Frontwoman Ellie Roswell is the ingredient that knits the music together; she is charismatic and oozes confidence on stage, holding herself and her guitar with practiced poise. Crowd favourites ‘Formidable Cool’, ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’, and ‘Space & Time’ showcase what the band do best with howling guitars and feral vocal lines, and prove that they can totally command their audience during quiet moments and trigger a near mosh pit during heavier songs. The polished set asserts them as a versatile band who have a clear idea of who they are and where they intend to go. – Ruth


The Blaze

Having made their name with stunning music videos and heartfelt electronic anthems, The Blaze are one of the most highly anticipated acts of the weekend. The French duo takes to The Cosby tent on Sunday night, hidden behind an elaborate audio-visual stage presentation. A drawn-out introduction, featuring the group’s hallmark silky smooth synth sounds, gradually builds to the first real explosion of sound and a rapturous response from the crowd. Despite a busy programme, plenty have made time to come see the French duo do their thing.

The first real stand-out moment of the set comes in the form of ‘Virile’, an uplifting anthem. The group’s howling vocals spill out over the light show and into the ether of the audience. Jubilant faces and communal clap-alongs are the currency here, encouraged by the wild dancing of the group’s two members. ‘Territory’ is a weekend highlight, with its industrial percussion sounds piercing through the mix. The group’s attention to detail, shown in their audio-visual presentation, is the best I see all weekend. While their music is certain fantastic in its own right, the evocative images which accompany it in a live setting are what stick with me for the rest of my stay in Stradbally. -Luke


Kendrick Lamar

“Pulitzer Kenny” reads the fluorescent backdrop behind larger than life Compton MC Kendrick Lamar. A reference, no doubt, to his being awarded the prestigious prize for his most recent album DAMN. However, it’s also a fitting reminder of just how all-encompassing Lamar and his music has become in the modern music discussion. Lamar is one of the few artists to not only completely dominate the mainstream of music but also gain the zealous admiration of so-called music heads across the world. Regardless of age, race or gender, his name crops up in any best of discussion. Here in Stradbally on Friday night you’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t excited to see him.

That’s why 40,000 people are stood outside cheering in the rain on Friday night. Amid the material played in the early part of his performance are huge tunes like ‘King Kunta’ and ‘Element’. Unfortunately, long waits between songs make the set feel much longer than it actually is and eats into precious potential song time. There’s also little doubt that what’s happening onstage means far more to most of the crowd that it does to the performer himself, though this is a natural result of continually playing headline slots on the world’s biggest stages. When it does swing into full gear it’s wonderful. Tunes like ‘XXX’ and ‘Money Trees’ are prime examples of some of the best hip-hop ever written. A headline performance from a true headline artist. – Luke


Sorcha Richardson

It can be difficult to draw a crowd early on the third and final day of Electric Picnic but Sorcha Richardson has managed to do just that. She opens her set promptly at 1.30pm with ‘Ruin Your Night’ accompanied by an accomplished four-piece band. The Dublin songstress has an innate ability to compose songs that combine nostalgia with humorous anecdotes, often about her childhood “we hid our bottles in the tress / we couldn’t find it later, guess the neighbour’s getting drunk for free”. Richardson has a cool, nonchalant attitude on stage but is consistently engaging nonetheless; she shares jokes with the audience easily in between songs. ‘Petrol Station’ andRuin Your Night’ are high points; warm synths and twangy guitar lines are an unusual combination but Richardson makes it work. Ending the set with the gorgeous ‘Walking Life’, she asserts herself as one of Ireland’s freshest and fast rising talents. – Ruth



Photo: Tara Thomas.

Norwegian singer Sigrid comes with no frills and big anthemic songs, and that’s what sets her apart from the other pop acts on the festival bill. Her mere presence on the stage of the Electric Arena is enough to send ripples of excitement through the packed-out tent (and earlier at her surprise Other Voices set she made an audience member cry with excitement). When she headlined The Academy last March she was recovering from a flu and wasn’t as sprightly as usual, but today we get to see exactly what she’s capable of. She pirouettes around the stage with the lightness of a ballerina and delivers hit after hit with unrivalled zest and ardour. ‘Fake Friends’ and ‘High Five’ are clear crowd favourites, while the gentle ‘Dynamite’ wins over anyone who wasn’t convinced of her stellar talent before. As if she hadn’t melted enough hearts with the set, she starts to cry at the end of ‘Strangers’ when the crowd sing all the words back to her acapella. It’s official – Sigrid is the pop star we’ve all been waiting for. – Ruth


DJ Koze

German DJ and producer DJ Koze’s set begins with a bit of a whimper. It’s 10:30pm on Sunday night and it seems like everyone is at The Prodigy or Peggy Gou. The Rankin’s Wood has maybe got a 100 people in it and I’m definitely starting to feel the cold. Thankfully, the German maestro absolutely owns his hour and a half set, drawing in plenty who flock from The Kooks with apathetic faces and some who find the Prodigy’s relentless breakbeats a bit too much. Mostly drawing from material off of Knock Knock , his latest album, Koze’s blend of disco and house is the perfect tonic to sore legs and feet.

By the halfway point the tent is half full and starting to make a lot of noise. ‘Planet Hase’, his collaboration with Mano Le Tough drifts in and out of the mix for about 10 minutes. As midnight begins to roll around, Koze drops ‘Pick Up’ and it’s genuinely a euphoric moment. It’s a long version of the tune that plays for about 10 minutes but could have gone on for a further 10 and still would have been fantastic. As I spill out of the Rankin’s Wood for the last time and head toward the Body&Soul area I’m totally confident that I’ve made the right choice with my Sunday night headliner. – Luke



Having been introduced to rising British pop star Raye through her smash-hit with Jax Jones ‘You Don’t Know Me’, I was more than a little apprehensive when headed to her Sunday afternoon set at the Little Big tent. I needn’t have been though. Accompanied by a full backing band and featuring a refreshing lack of pitch correction technology, Raye’s set is vibrant and colorful. Her blend of dancehall and R&B inspired pop music the perfect pick me up for an admittedly jaded Sunday afternoon.

Avoiding the usual pitfalls of a pop performance means that her set has a consistent level of quality. Despite my concerns, there is no hint that the artist is rushing toward the safety of her big hits. Instead, her back catalogue showcases an artist with depth and a stand out factor rare amongst her contemporaries. Of course, having a few anthems in your back pocket always comes in handy. Set highlight ‘Cigarette’ has to go down as on the most memorable moments of the entire weekend. It’s hard not to walk away with a huge grin, even if I have been proved a doubting Thomas. – Luke


Fontaines D.C.

2018 has been very good to Fontaines D.C. so far, and the performance at their set at the Body & Soul main stage affirms just as much. Grian Chatten is a captivating and intriguing frontman; dressed in a baby blue soccer jersey, he sings in a thick Dublin accent (think The Dubliners meet The Fall) and stares potently at the crowd while doing so.

He bites his nails during the raucous instrumental breaks as though lost deep in thought, choosing carefully the words that he is going to sing next. ‘Liberty Belle’ and ‘Hurricane Laughter’ are dynamic and full of force, and this is mirrored in all the band member’s movements and facial expressions. Arguably one of the first of a litany of new punk-rock bands that have come out of Ireland recently, there is no doubt that Fontaines D.C. are one of the country’s best new exports into the international industry. – Ruth


Mother DJs

After five Electric Picnics, you’d think I’d learn to stop making plans for Sunday night. Invariably I end up, like a thousand others, having the time of my life at the Body&Soul Earthship stage with the Mother DJs. Playing the same slot every year has made the collective’s show-stopping (literally) set a bit of an Electric Picnic institution. Just over three hours of glorious 80s hits and all your favourite disco cuts makes using what little energy you have left by the Sunday night so easy. Whether it be air soloing to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’ or sidestepping to Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘September’ the Mother DJs always provide the weekend’s best platform for dancing. It’s all easy smiles and gratuitous hugs with whoever’s left standing beside you at four in the morning.

My personal highlight comes in the form of Erasure’s seminal hit ‘Respect’, by the third chorus my voice is completely gone but by that stage it doesn’t really matter. As the final bars of the set-closer ring out, the Mother DJs have again made it easy to see why so many people place Electric Picnic on the high pedestal they do. – Luke

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Electric Picnic’s 2018 lineup has begun and it’s shaping up for Stradbally for August 31st to September 2nd this year.

  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Massive Attack
  • N.E.R.D
  • Dua Lipa
  • Ben Howard
  • St. Vincent
  • King Krule
  • George Ezra
  • The Kooks
  • Jungle
  • Wolf Alice
  • Chvrches
  • Nina Kraviz
  • Cigarettes After Sex
  • Friendly Fires
  • Garbage
  • Dermot Kennedy
  • Benjamin Clementine
  • Sigrid
  • Jessie Ware
  • Jorja Smith
  • Mount Kimbie
  • Tom Misch
  • The Blaze
  • Stefflon Don
  • Peggy Gou
  • Yxng Bane
  • Field Music
  • Alexis Taylor
  • Sevdaliza
  • Lucy Dacus
  • La Femme
  • Inner Circle
  • Jordan Rakei
  • Raye
  • Gang Of Youths
  • Nilufer Yanya
  • Scarlxrd
  • Yellow Days
  • Hak Baker
  • Tom Tripp

No David Byrne or Lorde or Arctic Monkeys there as may be expected. It’s a festival lineup that reflects where Longitude was at a couple of years ago, with little room for a big heritage act (do Garbage or N.E.R.D. count?).

So far, the festival has confirmed that Red Bull, Three, Heineken, Bacardi, Electric Ireland and Just Eat area are back. No word on Body & Soul or other Voices yet but Mindfield, Trailer Park, Salty Dog, Jerry Fish Sideshow, Trenchtown, Comedy, Theatre of Food, Hazel Wood, Anachronica, Transmission and Global Green will return.

Electric Picnic festival director Melvin Benn are is also introducing the Rebalance programme to the festival which will aim to to redress the gender balance of music festivals after a lot of criticism was drawn last year for the lack of female representation.

So far that means for early campers on Thursday night there will be an all-female comedy night curated by Emily O’Callaghan. AE MAK were recently part of the Rebalance programme which offers female musicians studio and costs covered and more along with festival slots. So expect more of that to come.

Tickets are bound to sell out very soon.

Posted on March 15th, 2018


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Other Voices have uploaded live recordings from the show in Dingle over the 15 years so that performances from the likes of The xx, St. Vincent, Hozier, Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams, Jose Gonzales and Rufus Wainwright can now be seen for the first time since they were broadcast.

The clips are available on the RTE player and comprises of 16 re-edited episodes of Other Voices.

It’ll only be available for one week.

Dive in here to watch.

Posted on January 31st, 2018


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Time to look into the internet crystal ball and see who may (and who may not) release an album for our ears in 2018. Will Robyn finally release another album? Before we answer that, here’s some we know are on the way…


Release date: January 19th

Tune-Yards have announced that their fourth album I can feel you creep into my private life will be released on January 19th. They will be touring the US and Europe from February. Surely, an Irish date is imminent.

Nils Frahm

Date: January 26th

Nils Frahm’s new album All Melody is out on January 26th and was recorded in his custom-built studio in Funkhaus in Berlin. He also announced a world tour which starts on January 22nd in Berlin and lands in Dublin for a sold out show on Monday 26 February.

Frank Ocean

Possible Date: 2018

It’s been nearly a year and a half since the release of Frank Ocean’s album Blonde (add another week for Endless too). In November, he posted on Tumblr that he had finished a new album writing – “’Well I️ made the album before 30. I️ JUST AINT PUT THAT BITCH OUT!’ -quotes from an interview I️ haven’t given haha”. He also posted a picture on his Tumblr wearing a hat saying ‘If you likes 2017 you’ll love 2018. Frank was practically prolific in 2017 by previous standards with songs like ‘Provider’, ‘Chanel’ and ‘Biking’ released and first premiered on his Apple Music radio show Blonded.


Possible Date: 2018

Grimes’ followup to Art Angels was reportedly halfway there in April 2017. Claire Boucher posted on Instagram in August 2017 that she needed two more months before finishing the new tracks. Last month she replied to a fan on Twitter regarding the new album saying ‘just played label new music they rly dig it so hopefully smthn soon’. Two days later on Instagram she said that she has all the tracks but needs to vox and drums on pretty much all of them. Signs are good.

When asked by Pitchfork about a new album release for 2018 Kevin Shields from the band said “Oh, we one hundred percent will,” he also gave details on the album stating “Basically, the record started off as an EP, and I realized it has to be, like, a mini-album, because it’s going to be at least 40 minutes long. So it’s going to be an album, but I don’t really know how many tracks it’s going to be. It’ll probably be seven or eight, by the looks of it.” He also stated that they will be touring this summer. This album will mark five years since the release of their third studio album MBV in 2013.

Franz Ferdinand

Date: February 9th

The Scottish indie rock band will release Always Ascending on February 9th a follow up from their fourth album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action which was released in 2013. The title track and some Galway/Dublin dates were previously announced.


Date: Spring/Summer 2018

The fourth album Head Over Heels from Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo is on its way this year, a follow up from White Women which came out in 2014. They released a tralier for the album back in November as well as new track ‘Juice’.

Jon Hopkins

Possible Date: Spring/Summer 2018

In a post on Facebook in May last year Jon thanked fans for being patient while he worked on his new album and left us with a cover of Laura Palmer’s Theme tune for Twin Peaks. He later stated that the album is nearly finished, or to be more accurate – “nearly fucking finished.”.

Le Galaxie

Possible Date: Spring/Summer 2018

The Dublin electro band’s third album is done and set for release this year and former Fight Like Apes’ singer May Kay, who joined the band full-time, is set to feature on six tracks.. They released the first track off the new album ‘Pleasure’ in May last year but the album was delayed as the band signed a US deal for its release in late 2017.

Arctic Monkeys

Possible Date: Summer/Autunm 2018

The follow up to the Artic Monkey’s 2013 release AM is on the way. According to an interview with motorcycling magazine bassist Nick O’Malley said if the album isn’t out by 2018 ‘We’ve got problems’. Let’s hope that means the new album is on the way soon.

Blood Orange

Possible Date: Spring 2018

Last summer Blood Orange or Dev Hynes announced that he was writing new material via a post on Instagram. Last month he posted a video on his Instagram showing off some of the new material. The album will be a follow up to his 2016 release Freetown Sound.

The Good, The Bad and The Queen

Possible Date:Summer 2018

It’s been 11 years since Damon Albarn, Paul Simonon, Simon Tong and Tony Allen released an album under The Good, The Bad and The Queen name. According to NME, Damon Albarn reveled details on the new album hes’s been working on with Tony Visconti to radio DJ Zane Lowe: “We’ve got pretty much all the songs and recorded all the backing tracks but I’m just emoting over it at the moment. I can hear what I’m saying kind of, a bit, but it’s still a bit unintelligible.” He also stated that the album is “inspired by Brexit”.

David Byrne

Possible Date: March 2018

The former Talking Heads man has announced some live dates for this summer and that fact along with an apparent leak of the album title as American Utopia by an online retailer and a March date, more than suggest an album is on the way. His last album was his collaborative album with St. Vincent.

FKA Twigs

Possible Date: 2018

Tahliah Barnett’s debut LP1 came out in 2014 and she’s been plenty busy with dancing, documentaries, stage shows, a once of single, and a 2015 EP and the release of new song ‘Good To Love’ in February 2017. Last year she confirmed that an album was on the way but would not be released in 2017 . According to NME she performed three new songs at Lastochka Festival in Moscow last summer. Could this mean that 2018 is the year for a new album release?

Flying Lotus

Possible Date: Spring/Summer 2018

A new album was promised in 2016 from the Brainfeeder boss but Stephen Ellison was working on his feature-length film debut Kuso (starring Hannibal Buress and Tim Heidecker), which premiered at Sundance in 2017. In November 2017 he released a video for new track ‘Post Requisite’ and on January 1st this year he tweeted a mix from Brainfeeder which includes a new track ‘Quarantine’. No date for the new album has been released but there are a few telling signs that its on the way soon.

Empress of

Possible Date: 2018

Loreley Rodriguez’ debut Empress Of album Of Me was followed up with a killer once-off single and one of the best songs of 2016 collaboration with Blood Orange – ‘Best To You’. She released a new track ‘Go To Hell’ in July. In Demcember, she dropped a cover of Lana Del Rey produced by DJ Dodger Stadium. Hopefully, her new album is finally on the way.

Vampire Weekend

Possible Date:Summer 2018

It’s been five years since the New York City band released Modern Vampires of the City and according to a tweet reply from frontman Ezra Koenig in September last year, 2018 could be the year of their long awaited return. Later in the year he explained to fans via Instagram that he spent 2017 working on the new album saying “we gotta take our time’. This album with be the bands first without Rostam Batmanglij.


Possible Date: 2018/2019

It’s been almost eight years since Swedish singer Robyn has relesed an album. Last year her track ‘Honey’ featured on girls which she stated as being selected by Lena Dunham from music that she has been working on. In January last year she released a track with Mr Tophat but it may be nine years before she returns. 🙁

Daniel Avery

Possible Date: Autumn 2017

This time last year Daniel Avery was in studio hopefully that means a new release for 2018 is due to follow up from his superb 2013 album Drone Logic. It’s been too long already.

Posted on January 5th, 2018

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This is only a selection of new music – dig into more or follow the Spotify playlists.

Nialler9 Weekly playlist


Professor Rhythm – Leave Me Alone

The always-reliable Awesome Tapes from Africa digs up a 1995 kwaito dance gem from South Africa’s Professor Rhythm. The label has had some great stuff in 2017 including Umoja’s 707′ and Om Alec Khaoli ‘Say You Love Me’ and this is no different. Joy. Brian and his Awesome Tapes From Africa are in the Sugar Club in Dublin on November 11th with Super Silly, Farah Elle courtesy of Woweembeem.

The Go! Team are back and for their first song since 2015’s The Scene Between. The Brighton band arrive with ‘Semicircle Song’ with a marching band, The Detroit Youth Choir. The band’s mastermind Ian Parton took inspiration from Northern soul, Japanese indie-pop and old-school hip hop and went to Detroit to record with a marching band and choir.


Boy Harsher – Westerners

Massachusetts duo Boy Harsher impressed me with the dark and swirling ‘Motion’ and here’s another from their debut EP, a pulsating electro track with atmospheric care-free abandon and an old-school beat.


SONDAR – Ready

Effervescent electro pop from Cait and Katie, a duo from Nashville.


Burial – Rodent

I’d become less interested in recent Burial releases due to familiarity or apathy. That’s on me perhaps but the latest track from the enigmatic producer finds him in his most direct clubbing state in quite a while. From the the relentless bassline to the hypnotic vocal line to the snatches of sax, ‘Rodent’ is a fresh sound from a producer who already has a trailblazing tag.


Palmbomen II – Ultimate Lovestory Fantasy

The latest release, Memories of Cindy 3, from the LA producer has his trademark textured ambience in full effect: revealing itself like a soft breath in a warm fogged tunnel.


Four Tet – Lush

A mellow and melodic highlight from Kieran Hebden’s largely understated new record New Energy.


St. Vincent – Pills

Annie Clark’s Jack Antonoff-produced album Masseduction is out today. Clark has always been one to root for – as a kickass female artist in a male-dominated guitar space, she’s proved herself more talented and ambitious than anyone yet sometimes, her songs remain stubborn to letting you in beyond admiration. ‘Pills’ is maybe the most pop thing Clark has ever done but it doesn’t lose the swagger that got her to where she is in the first place. She’s in Dublin next week.


Baths – Out

Will Wiesenfeld is back as Baths with a new album Romaplasm on Anticon on November 17th and the album takes inspiration from anime and video games. ‘Out’ has that vivd bounce to it and Will says the title is “a dual meaning—either referring to someone going out for the night, or being an out gay person. It touches on the intersection of both but mostly deals with how I feel in a club environment.” Here’s first single ‘Yeoman’.


King Krule – Half Man Half Shark

Archy Marshall’s newest album as King Krule might be his most complete yet (one listen in). Marshall has a tendency to let his drawl do all the work on tracks sometimes but there’s plenty of shade and energy on the new record to warrant further investigation. It’s still got that loose jazz feel at times and ‘Half Man Half Shark’ is one such typical highlight.

3 New Music flavours:

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The larger three-month New Music Playlist.

New Irish Music Playlist

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Posted on October 13th, 2017

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St. Vincent has released a music video directed by Willo Perron for ‘Los Ageless’.

“How can anybody have you and lose you — and not lose your mind, too?”, she sings as a fuzzed and buzzed rock beat shatters around her. The video keeps up the colourful artpop style of the ‘New York’ video.

St. Vincent is on Jools next week and hits Dublin for October 20th and 21st on her tour. The album Masseduction is out on October 13th.


1. Hang On Me
2. Pills
3. Masseduction
4. Sugarboy
5. Los Ageless
6. Happy Birthday, Johnny
7. Savior
8. New York
9. Fear The Future
10. Young Lover
11. Dancing with a Ghost
12. Slow Disco
13. Smoking Section


7th October – Los Angeles, Paramount Pictures Studios (Red Bull Academy Music Festival)
17th October – London, O2 Academy Brixton
18th October – Manchester, O2 Apollo Manchester
20th October – Dublin, Olympia Theatre
21th October – Dublin, Olympia Theatre
23rd October – Brussels, Ancienne Belgique
24th October – Paris, Le Trianon
26th October – Berlin, Huxleys
27th October – Utrecht, Tivoli Vrendenburg (Ronda)
14th November – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore
15th November – Indianapolis, IN – Egyptian Room
17th November – Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theater
18th November – St. Paul, MN – Palace Theater
19th November – Kansas City, MO – Uptown Theater
20th November – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
21st November – Louisville, KY – The Kentucky Center
22nd November – Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium
24th November – Knoxville, TN – Tennessee Theatre
25th November – Durham, NC – Durham Performing Arts Center
27th November – Washington, DC – The Anthem
28th November – Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory
39th November – Boston, MA – House of Blues
1st December – Portland, ME – State Theatre
2nd December – Brooklyn, NY – Kings Theatre
3rd December – Brooklyn, NY – Kings Theatre
16/17th December – Houston, TX – Day For Night Festival

Posted on October 3rd, 2017


St Vincent dropped an art-popping video for her ‘New York’ song and it’s a bright colour palette-lead video Directed by Alex Da Corte & produced by: All Ages Productions.

Da Corte says:

“I think Annie’s New York is the New York of my dreams-one that is blurry and fractured, dreamy and flat. It is the Toontown to my Hollywood. It is beautiful but slightly out of reach.”

St. Vincent recently discussed the making of the song music podcast Song Exploder.

Annie Clark is back in Dublin on October 20th.

Read a New Yorker profile with Annie.

Posted on August 31st, 2017

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St. Vincent has announced a second Dublin date on the Fear the Future Tour for October 21st.

Ticket price is €28.50 + fees are on sale now via Ticketmaster.ie

Here’s her new song ‘New York’:

St. Vincent Tour dates

8/19 – Tokyo, Japan – Summer Sonic
10/17 – London, UK – O2 Academy Brixton
10/18 – Manchester, UK – O2 Apollo Manchester
10/20 – Dublin, Ireland – Olympia Theatre
10/21 – Dublin, Ireland – Olympia Theatre
10/23 – Brussels, Belgium – AB Club
10/24 – Paris, France – Le Trianon
10/26 – Berlin, Germany – Huxleys
10/27 – Utrecht, Netherlands – TivoliVrendenburg
11/14 – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore
11/15 – Indianapolis, IN – Egyptian Room
11/17 – Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theater
11/18 – St. Paul, MN – Palace Theater
11/19 – Kansas City, MO – Uptown Theater
11/20 – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
11/21 – Louisville, KY – Whitney Hall
11/22 – Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium
11/24 – Knoxville, TN – Tennessee Theatre
11/25 – Durham, NC – Durham Performing Arts Center
11/27 – Washington, DC – The Anthem
11/28 – Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory
11/30 – Boston, MA – House of Blues
12/1 – Portland, ME – State Theatre
12/2 – Brooklyn, NY – Kings Theatre

Posted on July 5th, 2017


St. Vincent’s new single is appearing on streaming services as the world turns to midnight on release day and it’s Europe’s turn.

‘New York’ is Annie Clark’s first song from her forthcoming album and last week she announced a European tour with a Dublin date on sale this morning..

‘New York’ is a piano-ballad that turns into an emotionally direct song thats up there with St Vincent’s most heart-bearing music. It clocks in at only 2 mins 34 seconds.

It’s been added to the Nialler9 New Music playlist.

NEW YORK lyrics

new york isn’t new york without you, love
so far in a few blocks to be solo
and if i called you from first avenue
well you’re the only motherfucker in the city who can handle me
new love wasn’t true lover back to you love
much for a home run with some blue
if i last
strawed you 8th avenue
well, you’re the only motherfucker in the city who can stand me
i have lost a hero
i have lost a friend
but for you, darling
i’d do it all again
new york isn’t new york without y
ou, love
too few of our old crew left on astor
so if i trade our hood for some hollywood
well, you’re the only motherfucker in the city who would
only motherfucker in the city who would
only motherfucker in the city who’ll forgive me
i have lost a hero
have lost a friend
but for you, darling
i’d do it all again

Posted on June 30th, 2017


St. Vincent has announced the Fear the Future Tour which kicks off on October 17 in London and runs until December 2 at Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre and takes in Dublin, Manchester, London, Brussels, Paris and Berlin.

Watch the announcement video:

USA pre-sale registration begins today at 10AM ET. Global fan pre-sale begins June 27. General on-sale for the entire tour begins Friday June 30. To pre-register and for more information, go to http://ilovestvincent.com/#tour. Fans will be able to choose from standalone show tickets as well as the Fear The Future Enhanced Experience – including tickets plus signed poster, photo with St. Vincent’s guitar, film screening and more.

Dublin’s Olympia Theatre date is October 20th and price is €28.50 + fees go on sale at 10am on Friday June 30th via www.ticketmaster.ie

St. Vincent Tour dates

8/19 – Tokyo, Japan – Summer Sonic
10/17 – London, UK – O2 Academy Brixton
10/18 – Manchester, UK – O2 Apollo Manchester
10/20 – Dublin, Ireland – Olympia Theatre
10/23 – Brussels, Belgium – AB Club
10/24 – Paris, France – Le Trianon
10/26 – Berlin, Germany – Huxleys
10/27 – Utrecht, Netherlands – TivoliVrendenburg
11/14 – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore
11/15 – Indianapolis, IN – Egyptian Room
11/17 – Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theater
11/18 – St. Paul, MN – Palace Theater
11/19 – Kansas City, MO – Uptown Theater
11/20 – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
11/21 – Louisville, KY – Whitney Hall
11/22 – Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium
11/24 – Knoxville, TN – Tennessee Theatre
11/25 – Durham, NC – Durham Performing Arts Center
11/27 – Washington, DC – The Anthem
11/28 – Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory
11/30 – Boston, MA – House of Blues
12/1 – Portland, ME – State Theatre
12/2 – Brooklyn, NY – Kings Theatre

Posted on June 21st, 2017


There are plenty of albums to look forward to in 2017 and here are just a few of them which don’t have release dates yet. I’ve also included a few which we likely won’t see this year – just so you’re prepared. See also – My top New Artists of 2017.


Possible Date: Summer 2017

It’s been three years since the Leeds band released their second album This Is All Yours, so time is ripe for another in 2017. Last August, drummer Thom Sonny Green told NME, the band had loads of ideas, which wasn’t exactly – “songs are written, we’re recording them and they’re sounding awesome,” but after a period where Green released a solo record, bassist Gus Unger-Hamilton opened a café in east London and singer Joe Newman featured on a Clams Casino track with Lil B, there are rumblings.

The band have posted pics from the studio including ones at Abbey Road where they were recording strings only last week.The band have announced festival dates this summer so a good guess would be around the time of June, when they start.

Caribou / Daphni

Possible Date: Late 2017 but more than likely 2018

Three years on from a career apex record Our Love and a song which dominated the summer and the rest of the year. Dan Snaith is DJing as Daphni a lot this year including Coachella so a new album from Caribou doesn’t feel likely at this moment (maybe a Daphni 12″ / single release though?)

Daniel Avery

Possible Date: Autumn 2017

After last year’s DJ Kicks, 2017 looks to be the year that Daniel Avery follows up his superb 2013 album Drone Logic, according to this tweet.

Empress Of

Possible Date: Summer / Autumn 2017

Loreley Rodriguez’ debut Empress Of album Of Me was followed up with a killer once-off single and one of the best songs of 2016 collaboration with Blood Orange – ‘Best Of You’, as well as one with Pional, so I really want a followup in 2017. This is more hopeful than concrete, though signs are good.

FKA Twigs

Possible Date: 2018

Tahliah Barnett’s debut LP1 came out in 2014 and she’s been plenty busy with dancing, documentaries, stage shows, a once of single, and a 2015 EP. Last week, though a Nike ad directed and made by her featured a new track produced Oneohtrix Point Never suggested something isn’t far away, tweet replies to fans suggest it won’t be til 2018. 🙁

Flying Lotus

Possible Date: Late 2017 but looking like 2018

A new album was promised in 2016 from the Brainfeeder boss but Stephen Ellison was working on his feature-length film debut Kuso (starring Hannibal Buress and Tim Heidecker), which will premiere at Sundance this year. He also scored a short too. It looks like we’re getting V, a Captain Murphy record some time this year, as ‘Crowned’ featured in the recent Adult Swim Singles club. As for Fly Lo, a Kuso some songs on the soundtrack may be all we get.

Future Islands

Possible Date: Summer / Autumn 2017

Three years on from their breakthrough album Singles, things are heating up with some dates at festivals like Bonaroo, Panorama and Coachella. Last year, Sam T. Herring collaborated with Badbadnotgood. Their last music was single ‘The Chase’ in 2015. An album is definitely on the way very very soon.


Possible Date: Summer / Autumn 2017

Grimes’ followup to Art Angels was halfway there last April ( “more chill vibes, downtempos, synth-y shit. That makes it sound boring. It’s not boring.”) and in a November interview, she said it would be “slow and reflective”.

“I’m really vibing on making something really slow and gorgeous that just breathes, and has room to breathe,” she explained. “I feel like my work has always been fast paced, kinetic, and almost just manic and I feel like for me the hardest thing I can do is make something that’s slow and heavy.”

Grizzly Bear

Possible Date: Spring 2017

Come on already. The Grizzlies’ last album was 2012’s Shields and a few years before, Jay Z and Beyoncé were showing up to their shows and a lot has changed in music since American indie folk was the dominant genre of choice, However in October, a tweet saying “Album 90 percent done. Last update until you hear it,” was posted. Any day now?


Possible Date: Summer 2017

Another album long overdue now. The LA sisters’ self-titled debut Days Are Gone dropped in 2013 and they even cancelled their appearance at music festivals last summer to finish it. It arrives this Summer.

Holy Ghost!

Possible Date: Autumn 2017

DFA Records’ disco dons Holy Ghost! will surely followup last year’s Crime Cutz EP with a third album, a followup to Dynamics. Alex Frankel released a solo EP last year too. I’ve a soft spot for these two.

Hundred Waters

Possible Date: Spring / Summer 2017

Gainesville Florida band Hundred Waters have made two stunning albums of folk and electronica thus far in their career and it looks like 2017 will see their third released. On Christmas day they posted (with a Neil Young cover) that they were finishing the album. Last year, they made a big remix with their label boss Skrillex and Chance The Rapper among others.

Jon Hopkins

Possible Date: Summer 2017

The followup to 2013’s Immunity is due this year according to Jon’s reply to a fan on Twitter. Yes. In the meantime, Hopkins plays piano on a track on the new Bonobo record.


Possible Date: Spring 2017

A followup to 2013’s Cut For Me mixtape after 2015’s Hallucination EP is on the cards (check out this Song Exploder about ‘Rewind’). In an interview with Dazed, Arca, Jam City, and Bok Bok are to be reprising their role as co-producers and Kelsey Lu, one of my picks for new artists of 2017 guests.

LCD Soundsystem

Possible Date: Summer or Autumn 2017

After last year’s triumphant live return, that promised LCD Soundsystem album is indeed on the way as James Murphy told someone on Facebook this weekin response – “Sure. still working on it, but it’ll be done soon. winter tends to mess with my voice, so finishing the thing drags out.”

Le Galaxie

Possible Date: Autumn 2017

The Dublin electro band’s third album is done and it likely to get a worldwide releasearound September time. Former Fight Like Apes’ singer MAy Kay is set to feature on six tracks too.

Little Dragon

Possible Date: Summer / Autumn 2017

The followup to Nabuma Rubberband from 2014 looks to be coming this year from the Swedish band. They are playing Coachella so that’s a good sign.

Mount Kimbie

Possible Date: Spring / Summer 2017

Mount Kimbie played some new songs at Metropolis Festival in November so it’s a safe bet a new one is coming to followup the brilliant 2013 album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.

St. Vincent

Possible Date: Summer / Autumn 2017

Annie Clark promises “the deepest, boldest work I’ve ever done” on her new record which is inspired by the topsy-turvy world events of the last year. “I feel the playing field is really open for creative people to do whatever you want, and that risk will be rewarded – especially now that we have such high stakes from a political and geopolitical standpoint,” he told Guitar World (while managing to get a dig in on the cover). The last St. Vincent album came out in 2014.

Posted on January 18th, 2017

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Ceol Ar An Imeall will be back on TV screens from Thursday April 7th for its seventh season on TG4.

The Irish-language-based music television show is one of the few remaining shows aimed at a youth audience interested in new and alternative music.

This season new presenters Cian Ó Ciobhain and Eithne Shortall have taken over from Una Mullally. Cian is a respected DJ and broadcaster of An Taobh Tuathail on RnG and Eithne is an arts journalist with the Sunday Times and an experienced TV contributor.

On the show this season will be feature performances from 23 Irish bands including Bitch Falcon, Ham Sandwich, Wyvern Lingo, Oh Boland, Sam Amidon, The Academic, Buffalo Woman, Fierce Mild, The Staves and Ryley Walker.

Interviewees include Mark Ronson, St. Vincent, Everything, Everything; Hot Chip Chvrches and Jose Gonzalez.

The series kicks off this Thursday April 7 on TG4 with performances from Ham Sandwich and Wyvern Lingo.

A preview:

Bígí linn Déardaoin agus sraith úr nua "Ceol ar an Imeall" ag tosnú. Beidh ceol againn ó Ham Sandwich agus Wyvern Lingo…

Posted by Clár Imeall on Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Some previous performances / interviews from the series:

Posted on April 6th, 2016


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