‘C-H-E-M-I-C-A-L’, the new song dropped by the Chemical Brothers today is a song that’s been played in their live sets for the last while.

A standalone song after the release of Born In The Echoes in 2015, the track is a meld of old school Chems and new. It coincides with the release of the entire album catalogue of the duo on vinyl on December 9th. So that’s looks like:

Exit Planet Dust (1995) – Clear Vinyl
Dig Your Own Hole (1997) – Solid White Vinyl
Surrender (1999) – Solid Blue Vinyl
Come With Us (2002) – Solid Red Vinyl
Push The Button (2005) – Transparent Blue Vinyl
We Are The Night (2007) – Soda Bottle Clear Vinyl
Further (2010) – Transparent Green Vinyl

Here’s ‘C-H-E-M-I-C-A-L’:

The song is on ITunes and has been added to the new music playlist.

Posted on November 4th, 2016


After the news of new album Born In The Echoes which features Beck, St. Vincent, Cate Le Bon, Ali Love and Q-Tip and the dropping of the intro track ‘Sometimes I Feel So Deserted’, The Chemical Brothers have dropped track two, the Q-Tip-featuring ‘Go’  with a video directed by French music video maestro Michel Gondry who has directed past Chemical Brothers videos like ‘Star Guitar’ and ‘Let Forever Be’.

Gondry’s video actually recalls St. Vincent’s ‘Digital Witness’ video, which doesn’t say much for a director with such a great videography. The song is a funky dance track with Q-Tip recalling some of his best solo work. Some people are pissed at the chorus.

Posted on May 5th, 2015

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