The most essential tracks of the last week handpicked by the Nialler9 team.


Young Fathers – In My View

Young Fathers seem immune anyone outside their clique, operating as a gang who were more interested in offering genuine healing through music that crosses rap, gospel and lo-fi sonics. ‘In My View’ is another idiosyncratic uplifting gem from these outliers, but if there’s anything obvious from their new material, it’s an increasing softness and directness that wasn’t present on their first two records. Their new album Cocoa Sugar is out in March.


The Go! Team – If There’s One Thing You Should Know

The Go! Team are back with a new album Semicircle, which is a return to their exuberant indie jams. And it works. The bandleader Ian Parton travelled across the US and recorded young choirs and brass bands and they add to the genuine schoolyard buzz of the record. ‘ If There’s One Thing You Should Know’ is a giddy highlight from it.


Wyvern Lingo – Maybe It’s My Nature

If you needed further proof that Wyvern Lingo are a band of naunce. They have followed up my Irish song of the year about celebrating the feminine characteristics of a man and vice versa with a song about the reality of monogamous relationships and whether it’s a part of our nature to lust or at least, look to others romantically when you’re in a long-term relationship. A monogamous relationship is often seen as a binary thing and singer Karen Cowley is exploring the buffers of those strict lines – a very nuanced subject for a smooth soul/R&B/indie pop song.


David Kitt – Imagination

Before David Kitt officially releases his album Yous physically, he dropped a four-track EP featuring a track from that and a three new ones. ‘Imagination’ is one of those songs that isn’t just B-side material.


The Golden Filter – End Of Times – Silver Dub

From a dub version of The Golden Filter’s latest EP, this ‘Silver Dub’ version is set up for the dancefloor with an ‘I Feel Love’-style arpeggio synth.


Jay Rock – King’s Dead (with Kendrick Lamar, Future and James Blake)

Kendrick has curated the Marvel Black Panther soundtrack gives us another reason to look forward to its release with this track:


Henry Green – Another Life

An atmospheric pop track from a new Bristol producer who previously featured here with ‘Stay Here’. It’s from his debut album due in March and of the song he says:

“I had a really vivid image/moment in mind when I wrote “Another Light”. I was sat on a silent beach in the early hours of the morning, slightly hazy from the lack of sleep and I wanted to write about the whirlwind of colours and textures, both in the landscape but also in my mind at that moment. So much change had happened in such a short amount of time and I was just reflecting on it all.”


Lone – Temples

Lone releases Ambivert Tools Volume Three, the latest in series of EPs that have been worthy listens.


Rejjie Snow – Egyptian Luvr (feat. Aminé & Dana Williams)

Dear Annie, Rejjie Snow’s long awaited debut album finally gets a release on February 16th. This is a a smooth jam. He plays the Olympia on March 12th.

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Glasser at CMJ 2010 by Will Deitz

Dave Rawkblog’s 2010 Bands You Can Ignore list is a fine example of blog aggravation. Containing a list of 2010 bands you don’t need to hear before making a year-end list, it was bound to stir up some strong opinion. There are certainly a few bands on that list that personally I’d never tell you to ignore. Foals? Glasser? Both have made brilliant albums this year. LCD Soundsystem? Tanlines? Please. Their Settings EP is one of the best short-form releases I’ve heard in the last 10 or so months.

Dave’s choices are his personal opinion and as much as the internet tells you otherwise, you have to respect that. There is an explanation. What concerns me though, is the Rawkblog criteria for the list. These artists are not bad just not worth your time or as he put it not special. Are we demanding brilliance and uniqueness from the start now? Is there no room for musical growth anymore? Or is instant dismissal a better option?

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Tory Y Moi

Dam Funk @ SXSW 2010

A mammoth day in which I caught a lot of bands. Here are the highlights of the Friday from Austin.

Local Natives
One of last year’s breakout hits of SXSW, this year the LA harmony-heavy indie band returned to the place where everyone knew who they were and wanted to see them again. In that year, as a band they’ve got tighter but if you were at their recent Dublin show you’ll know that already. North America has been slow to catch up on the Local Natives buzz but with their album now officially released Stateside, the audiences were a lot more appreciative of the material.

Mountain Man
Three girls huddle around a trio of microphones and wonderful things happen. Amelia Meath, Molly Sarle, and Alex Sauser-Monnig are based in Vermont and their sound is rooted in the North American music of blues, country and folk. Singing all their songs acappella bar one with a guitar, their crystal-clear harmonies are what draw you in as their sweet voices chime in unison. Many of their songs could have been sung in 1920 but still sound fresh to these modern ears.

Memory Tapes
Davye Hawk’s solo project is many things: electronic, wistful, nostalgic, Balearic, independent and lo-fi. Live, it’s a much more focused approach; a drummer, a minimal backing track and Hawk playing guitar and singing in a brittle timbre. I would have liked to see more of this show to be sure but I was impressed with what I caught.


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We’ve had two singles from The Golden Filter since they appeared this time last year. ‘Solid Gold’ and ‘Thunderbird’ were knockout tunes that boded well for future material. Well that time is almost here. The debut album Voluspa is out on April 23rd through Brille and they’ve just debuted the newest single ‘Hide Me’ from it.

On first listen, Voluspa has plenty going for it – it’s a great mix of disco, electronics, ambience, synths and strings and ‘Hide Me’ might just be the poppiest thing they’ve done thus far.

MP3: The Golden Filter – Hide Me

Videos and tracklisting after the jump.


Posted on February 9th, 2010


If you’ve been following the latest music video viral whodunnit?, you’ll know all about two mysterious Youtube videos that hit last month from someone calling themselves iamamiwhoami. The two teaser clips featured ill-boding electronic music, limbs flailing from forest trees, something gross bubbling out of what looks like a duck’s arse (disclaimer: I’ve never examined a duck’s arse), a blonde woman covered in black goo licking bark (naturally), an owl and other weird shit (watch them after the jump).

Guesses for who the artist was included The Knife, Goldfrapp, Christina Aguilera and MGMT. This morning another clip debuted. Tagged with keywords like “foetus”, “amniotic fluid” “umbilical cord”, um “cream gateau” and featuring more footage of the woman in a foetal position and a whale, I’d say this mystery is about to reveal itself over the next week or so.

For the record, I think it’s more likely to be The Knife cohort Planningtorock or San Fran’s oOoOO or The Golden Filter (though they’re already on a viral tip). The Goldfrapp guess is most popular at the moment thamks to a fake twitter account by a PopJustice forum member (and they’ve featured owls before) but it feels too dark for them, especially after hearing ‘Rocket’ but there’s also a case for Christina Aguilera (who apparently worked with Goldfrapp on some songs) and also this image on a Sony BMG site suggests so. Damn, did I just get swindled into posting about Christina Aguilera? What do you think? Hopefully it’s someone completely random.


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Some great stuff has passed through the tubes of the Nialler9 mailbox recently and here’s a smattering of it. I fully support the awesomeness of all these songs.
‘This New Technology’ is a new tune from Melbourne’s Midnight Juggernauts to be released on Acephale Records (home of Memory Tapes (Check out the Seek Magic album, SALEM and Air France). It’s got a nice Buck Rogers feel to it and that’s not a reference to Feeder in any form. Pre-order the 7″ . The digital version is on iTunes on 9th October and it will feature a remix from Memory Tapes amongst others.

Midnight Juggernauts – This New Technology


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Little Boots, pre-show at Sup Magazine/ IamSound SXSW party taken by Dan.

Now that the dust has settled, as a recap and a recommendation post – here are the twelve bands which made the long trip to Texas totally worth it.

  1. Starfucker

    From Portland, Oregon, these guys played a storming set in Radio Room on 6th Street to a crowd who seemed familiar with their tunes as was evident in the body-poppin and dancing around the venue. Starfucker’s music is a fun mix of indie-pop and electro elements with a bit of occasional scratching. I’d love to see them over here sometime soon.

    Starfucker – Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second


Posted on March 29th, 2009


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