Winner of the IMRO small festival of the year award for 2017 and one of the most endearing festivals in Ireland, Another Love Story is back once more and have announced their music lineup for the festival which takes place at the grounds of Killyon Manor, Co Meath from August 17th – 19th 2018.

The lineup includes:

  • Mammal Hands
  • Cloud Castle Lake
  • The Lost Brothers
  • Ships
  • O Emperor
  • Mount Alaska
  • Somadrone
  • R Kitt
  • Pillow Queens
  • Davy Kehoe
  • Solkatt
  • Dowry
  • Joshua Burnside
  • Anna Mieke
  • Sorcha Richardson
  • Deaf Joe
  • Robert John Ardiff
  • Nava
  • Roe
  • Inni K
  • The Silken Same
  • Sun Collective
  • Attention Bebe
  • Interskalatic
  • Graham Mc Sweeny
  • Simon O’Reilly
  • Royal Yellow
  • The Glasshouse Collective
  • Donal Dineen
  • Eddie Kay
  • Lil Dave
  • My House DJs
  • Bodytonic DJs
  • Nialler9
  • The Als Shift Shack with Cian O’C, Claire F, Emma K, Andrew K, Neil F, Emmet C, Paddy D, Tom R

Tier 4 tickets priced at €190+ are available now via

Other Occurrences :
The Shift Shack | The Library By Yhrf | The Front Room | The Big Stretchy
For Conor | This Must Be The Place | My House Presents : Way Out There |
& More Tba

Regular and boutique camping on offer.

Other Details
Return Bus from Dublin To ALS : €18
Camper van tickets (very limited) : €20
No Sunday camping – event runs 19.00 Fri Aug 18th – 19.00 Sun Aug 20th.
Under 12’s go free accompanied by adult
12-18 year olds are not permitted
Dogs Free!

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Nomadic harmony folk duo The Lost Brothers have released a video for their new track ‘Halfway Towards A Healing’ directed by Gavin Wood for the album out 26th January.

“We wrote the song ‘Halfway Towards A Healing’ at the foot of Slieve Foye in Carlingford- spent a few days walking the lough and that song was written over whiskey and chowder soup. It was the coldest week of the year and there was a lot of snow on high ground. We just decided to let the storm clear and camped out in the town for few days exploring the old antique shops.”

They play The Sugar Club, Dublin on February 8th, tickets are priced at €22.50+ and are available from

Tour dates

January 30: London : The Lexington
February 1 : The Social :Sheffield
February 2 : Liverpool : The Leaf
February 8 : Dublin : The Sugar Club
February 9 : Wexford : Wexford Arts Centre
February 10 : Waterford : St. Patrick’s Gateway
February 14 : Belfast : The Black Box
February 15: Carrick On Shannon: The Dock Theatre
February 16 : Virginia : The Ramor Theatre
February 17 : Ballybofey : Balor Arts Theatre
February 23 : Limerick : Dolans
February 24 : Cork : St. Luke’s Church

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The Northern Ireland Music Prize Shortlist for this year was just announced. There are 12 albums nominated and the winner will be announced at a live event on November 14 at Mandela Hall in Belfast. Malojian, Ciaran Lavery and Ryan Vail will play on the night and an Oh Yeah Legend Award will be presented to The Divine Comedy. Neil Hannon will play some songs from his catalogue. Tickets are £12.

The list was made from choices from more than 70 people in the NI music industry and music media. They are:

A Plastic Rose – ‘Flickering Light of an Inner War’
And So I Watch You From Afar – ‘Heirs
Axis Of – ‘The Mid Brae Inn’
BeeMickSee – ‘Belfast Yank’
Ciaran Lavery and Ryan Vail – ‘Sea Legs
Duke Special – ‘Look Out Machines’
The Lost Brothers – ‘New Songs Of Dawn And Dust’
Malojian – ‘Southlands’
Not Squares – ‘Bolts
SOAK – ‘Before We Forgot How To Dream’
Therapy? – ‘Disquiet’
Tim Wheeler – ‘Lost Domain’

10 of the 12 albums are in a Spotify playlist.

Listen on Spotify

Last year’s winner was Robyn G Shields.

The NI Music Prize event is produced by the Oh Yeah Music Centre and supported by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Photo of SOAK by Museum Magazine.

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South By Southwest (SXSW), the music industry festival behemoth in Austin, Texas where deals are made and bands are lapped by for gigs and the next stage of their careers, is well into announcing its hundreds of bands to play the festival in March.

In among them, is a healthy dose of Irish acts who were picked to play: 14 in total, ranging from the established to emerging:

The full A-Z list is:
All Tvvins, Buffalo Sunn, Dott, Fight Like Apes, Girl Band, Go Wolf, James Vincent McMorrow, Le Galaxie, The Lost Brothers, Meltybrains?, More Than Conquerors, Orla Gartland, SOAK and Walking On Cars.

Full times and lineup of the Irish showcases in March are at the Music From Ireland website.

Here’s a Spotify playlist of the 14 acts:

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Day One | Day Two | Day Three

The team at Other Voices might be 100 people deep who have been working for months on bringing the TV show back to the ring of Kerry every year but there’s one variable they can’t control: the weather. It’s not called the Wild Atlantic Way for nothing.

Inch beach is a pertinent reminder on the trip to Dingle from Kerry airport of this wildness as the dark green majesty of the waves hit the bay and makes nice weather for opportunistic kitesurfers.


Warming up with the cold outside

But if it’s ferocious outside, it’s breezeless inside the doors of John Curran’s pub on the Main Street in Dingle where poetician and Dublin “wurd” artist John Cummins is warming up the creative side of our assembled brains with rhymes and words that twist and turn like rap and sean nós about Phil Lynott, his daughter and the sizzlers and sozzled of the late night chipper.

Best laid plans of Us and Ben


It is a brief respite as news reaches that the tumultuous sea and roaring weather has taken Other Voices’ best laid plans down with it. Ben Howard, anticipated by many, including a throng of people waiting patiently outside the hearth of the show, St. James Churcis not able to perform. “The weather has been loud,” says series producer Philip King in his introduction as acknowledgement.

Stepping into Howard’s English singer-songwriter shoes, the young Leeds musician with the long black hair, Eaves, offers dark finger-picked guitar folk as an alternative. Eaves has a voice that swirls in the song with an expressive bass-laden tone that is older sounding than his pale skin suggests.

In songs like ‘Alone In My Mind’, he recalls the American alt-indie singer Kurt Vile (the hair also suggests that) except with a greater clarity of speech. When he takes to the piano for ‘Timber’, singing about “boys up the street” he reaches further back to singers who sat behind a grand instrument in the late seventies.

Scotland rises up


Tradition is rife in the music of Fife’s Kenny Anderson, the prolific Scottish artist known as King Creosote and introduced by BBC Radio One DJ and our Other Voices host Huw Stephens, as a man who has released 40 plus albums, many of those on self-pressed CDRs.

Most recently, his work with electronic producer Jon Hopkins, the 2011 album Diamond Mine brought him a Mercury Music Prize nomination. Anderson is most influential in the folk scene of his homeland, from his address on the eastern Scottish coast of Fife, a fertile home for musicians like The Beta Band, The Fence Collective and James Yorkston as threaded together narratively in Vic Galloway’s book Songs In The Key Of Fife.

Anderson’s songs and torrential output is part of the history of that place and he brings a flavour of that with his peculiar dialectal howl and his own Scots clan playing with him on cello, piano and drums. ‘Pauper’s Dough’, a new song from his recent album From Scotland With Love, is anthemic in its sound and sentiment, urging us “to rise above the gutter you are inside,” while ‘Largs’ from the same album adds a vaudeville shuffle to proceedings. From one coast to another, King Creosote’s music finds a home wherever it goes.

Emerald music


The nomadic harmony folk duo The Lost Brothers might think of “home” as a loose concept at this point. The Navan and Omagh metaphorical siblings share a penchant for a life on the road, currently clocking in at two and a half years travelling around the world to share their songs.

They record nomadically too, finding like-minded producers in Nashville, Sheffield, Portland and Liverpool, to name but four. Their songs recall the greats: Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers and Simon & Garfunkel. There’s power in two old-fashioned voices, effortlessly able to support and compliment each other in such minute detail.

Songs from their fourth album New Songs Of Dawn & Dust, ‘Derridae’, ‘Soldier’s Song’ , ‘Hotel Loneliness’ and the lilting ‘Gold & Silver’ bring us to a time we could never have lived. They are joined by violinist Steve Wickham and the illustrious Frames fiddle palyer Colm Mac Con Iomaire throughout and a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Corrina, Corrina’ is a particular highlight. The Lost Brothers described Other Voices as “a glowing emerald” and it’s a suitable description for the band themselves: a striking thing, rare and rococo.

A jolt from the buke


If The Lost Brothers had us drifting to the past, the New York duo of Buke And Gase jolted us to the present with rumbling rock music made by customised instruments that give the band their name. The “buke” is a baritone-ukelele and the “gase” is a guitar/bass hybrid that produces those low rumbles. The pair also use a “toe-bourine” (you can guess what this does) and a range of effects that change the tone of Arone Dyer’s voice into lower octaves.

The thunderous duo tell the congregation we can stand up despite them sitting down but it’s hard to figure out whether to rock out or sit back. Buke And Gase’s entire song craft sounds like its hurtled into a filter that garbles and mangles the source. It’s discombobulating and strange, like listening to a hiss-filled cassette that has caught in the stereo on an off-kilter loop.

There are moments of chugging strings, rock histrionics and a song that sounds like Marilyn Manson’s ‘Beautiful People’ all adding up to an experience that is like listening to sheltered folk musicians from the 1800s interpreting rock music after reading about it in a book. It’s thrilling and warped.

To further prove the point Dyer pitch shifts her voice to a baritone on her thank you speech, prompting an audience member to quip “Other Voices? Sure she’d several of them.”

Twins stand apart


If there’s a singular standout performance on the night it comes from French-Cuban twins Ibeyi, who turn 20 at midnight moments after their show. Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz, are young yes, but they have illustrious parentage. Their father, Anga Díaz, was a well-known Cuban percussionist who played with Buena Vista Social Club.

His death prompted the twins, encouraged by their Venezuelan mother at age 11 to learn the cajón (the percussive box instrument) and to sing the songs of his ancestors, sung in the Nigerian tongue of Yoruba.

They arrive on-stage in St. James’ Church singing in that tongue a capella. It becomes very clear why XL Recordings, the label home to Adele, snapped these two up to release their debut album next year.

They are magnetic in performance. Lisa-Kaindé sits at the piano with Naomi facing her. They are distinct personalities despite their closely-shared genes. Lisa-Kaindé has the style of a jazz/soul diva while Naomi, a lover of hip-hop and electronic music is more energetic and employs a sampler and a range of percussive instruments. She even uses her body as an instrument, beating her chest, snapping her fingers and slapping her thighs on a brittle song about their mother (who is in the audience) called ‘Mama Says’.

They sing in English but their outbursts of Yoruba language bring some African exoticness. They perform a cover of Better ‘In Tune With The Infinite’ by the rapper Jay Electronica, someone not expected to by cited in a church in West Kerry but it’s their performance of the single ‘River’ that gets people clapping along and stomping feet in the pews to its simple gospel-tinged beat.

It’s still early days for the twins but they captivated and excited the audience with their talent. A room fell in love with their sound and energy. Upon finishing their set with a rousing a capella, the church stood up with them to offer a standing ovation. Music producer Aoife Woodlock appeared and presented the twins with a cake with “Ibeyi” written on it to mark the first day of their twenties and a marquee performance.

Invigorated, the crowd dispersed into the night. Some headed to the afterparty central of Benner’s Hotel, some went to An Chonair to see Kormac’s Big Band tear it up, while some of us, ended up where we began, with a Dublin lyricist inspiring us with words, this time, the rapper Lethal Dialect and his band in McCarthy’s.

Day Two

ALL PHOTOS: Rich Gilligan.

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Lisa Hannigan has teamed up with An Postto raise funds for the Dublin Simon Community via Lisa singing a cover of ‘The Christmas Waltz’ as sung by Frank Sinatra in 1954. The song is featured on the ad for An Post and all €1 purchases of the track go towards Simon.

On a similar tip, the Lost Brothers’ regal harmonic folk is perfect for Christmas as is evident here on their charity single ‘Little Angel’. All proceeds go towards UNICEF from the sale of the track or you can donate directly.

The track was first written in demo form, seven years ago in Portland until the pair wrote it on a rocky trip across the Irish sea. It was recorded with Sean Coleman at Gavin Glass’s Orphan Studios with The Frames’ Graham Hopkins on drums, Michael Buckley and Ronan Dooney on brass (Glen Hansard’s band) arranging the brass, bass by Keith Farrell and The Lost Brothers on vocals and guitars. The B-side ‘St. Christopher’ is equally festive, an ode to Liverpool.

See also: Listen/Watch: Villagers, Fight like Apes, Bouts, Spring Break, Land Lovers & So Cow perform charity single ‘Christmas Is In Your Heart’

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Taking place in Dingle, Co. Kerry from 12th – 14th December, Other Voices just added more names to their lineup for the TV show and music trail.

They’ve already announced Damien Rice, Young Fathers, All We Are and Delorentos, Wild Beasts, King Creosote, Melanie De Biasio and Ibeyi.

Today it’s the turn of The Lost Brothers, Jessie Ware. Buke & Gase and hometown heroes Walking On Cars.


Music Trail

Some more names for the Other Voices Music Trail have also been added:

We Raise Bears, God Knows +MynameisjOhn, Crook, Somerville, Join Me in the Pines, jape, OtherkinElephant John Cummins Poetician, Seo Linn and The Hedge Schools are new names who will play the free gigs during the daytime over the weekend.

IMRO Other Room Open Call

Votes are now open to choose one of the five bands to play the OV Other Room from:

Come On Live Long
Wyvern Lingo
Little xs for Eyes
Staring at lakes

Voting closes at 8pm on Wednesday 3rd of December. Vote at RTE.


Tickets, are free but can only be won through various online and media competitions so keep an eye on Nialler9 tomorrow for one of those.


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Turning Pirate’s Mix Tape Party happens every year in Vicar Street on New Year’s Eve in a all-in-one show featuring a large lineup of local talent playing together in celebratory style.

This year’s lineup has been revealed and includes:

Lisa Hannigan, Booka Brass Band, Richie Egan, Declan O’Rourke, The Young Folk, Camille O’sullivan, Ye Vagabonds, Interskalactic,Gavin Glass, The Lost Brothers, Stephen James and Adam Matthews.

Tickets are €35 plus fee go on sale Monday 24th November available from & usual outlets nationwide.

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Two years ago this month, June 24th 2012, journalist Eugene Moloney was assaulted on the way home one night on Camden Street. A single blow to his head by his attacker killed him and he died on the street. The killer was sentenced to five years in jail for manslaughter with two years suspended.

Moloney, a then 55 year-old Donegal man who worked for Independent newspapers and was freelancing at the Irish Daily Mail, was a huge fan of music and as such, his friend Oisin Leech of the band The Lost Brothers and Pete Cummins of Fleadh Cowboy are putting on a night of live music, in aid of the Peter McVerry Trust, and in salute to Eugene two years to the night of his death.

The night, taking place in Whelan’s on June 24th, will feature The Lost Brothers, Julie Feeney, Andy Irvine, Liam O Maonlai,Joe and Steve Wall, Saramai Leech, Pete Cummins & Band and special guests on the night.

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