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The 10 best tracks of the week

The 10 best tracks of the week

10. Meltybrains? – ‘Donegal’


A wistful ambient single from the experimental Dublin band.

Back in November , Meltybrains? gave us ‘IV’ a track which distilled all of the eclectic ambience and electronic melodics that have made them a go-see band in the last year.

The A-side ‘Donegal’ is with us now, and far from being some concise three-minute pop banger, true to Meltybrains? form it builds over a nonsensical lyric – “I can not even say” with cascading brass notes, percussion and synths interlocking in a wistful nostalgic manner that sounds like a post-rock band covering drum and bass from Goldie’s Timeless album or an early DJ Shadow cut.

Both tracks are released on fancy vinyl next week via Rough Trade.

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