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The 10 best tracks of the week

The 10 best tracks of the week

5. Alabama Shakes – ‘Future People’

New A Shakes shot credit BrantleyGutierrez 10Feb15
The band return with a new album and a bigger, better sound.

The problem with penning a towering achievement of a song like ‘Hold On’, a catchy yet simple blues-soul rock’n’roll song is that it overshadowed everything else including the album Boys & Girls that Alabama Shakes did after that. That may just me though, the album did sell in the millions.

Time apart from that birthing moment is a good thing and the band return with a second album Sound & Color on Rough Trade on April 21st and something else is happening that the band are calling “genre-bending”. They might be right too as both new tracks shared from the album demonstrate. Brittany Howard goes for a falsetto vocal and the band match it with some taut funk-rock encased in an almighty production that sound like the first time you pressed the bass-boost button on your stereo.

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