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The best tracks of the week

The best tracks of the week


6. SOAK – ‘Sea Creatures’

Hear a new version of SOAK’s ‘Sea Creatures’

An embellished version of the Derry singer’s debut single which will feature on her Rough Trade debut LP.

Over two years on from the first time we heard SOAK aka Bridie Monds-Watson sing ‘Sea Creatures’ as a 16-year old Derry pup on Other Voices, the song remains one of her best. As she has progressed as a songwriter and in career, via signing to Chvrches’ Goodbye Records and then Rough Trade, the music has changed and matured.

Her 2014 singles ‘B A noBody‘ and ‘Blud’ added instrumentation without weighing down Watson’s vocals. For those familiar with her music and particularly ‘Sea Creatures’ in particular, this new version might not feel right at first but several listens in, the version takes on its own distinct character without sacrificing the original spirit too heavily.  Lines like “I don’t understand what her problem is, she’s just a fish” and “I’d pray for you and you know I don’t like Jesus” remain highlights while the strings swirl and the wind blows.

The new version is on iTunes.

7. Myles Manley – ‘Pay Me What I’m Worth’

The Sligo musician releases his most brief and poppiest track yet.

I had largely remained immune to the charms of the alt-wonky pop musician Myles Manley til now. The Sligo man had the cheeky audacity to release his debut album under the title Greatest Hits 2012-2013, an audacity that’s easy to admire.

Manley will release a new EP enigmatically-titled More Songs on Trout Records next month and the lead track, ‘Pay Me What I’m Worth’, a two-minute indie pop track, shows us that when Manley wants, he can knock out a classic pop ear worm with the best of them.

8. No Monster Club – ‘I’ve Retired’

Fuzzy pop from Bobby Aherne’s new solo album.

2014 was a good year for Bobby Aherne. He released his first book and he released an album with Women’s Christmas and he played with Padda Hanna and Ginnels too.

2015 is time for Bobby to release a new solo No Monster Club record. It’s called People Are Weird and is out on January 27th on Mirror Universe. You might have heard ‘Arms Across America’ last month, well, here’s a similar bockety indie-pop track with a catchy chorus called ‘I’m Retired’ from the album.

9. Kobina – ‘Burst’


Free download from the Dublin producer.

An atmospheric beat free download from the Dublin producer who has recently worked with Blooms and featured in State Magazine’s Faces of 2015.

10. Denai Moore – ‘Elsewhere’

unnamed (32)

The recent SBTRKT collaborator reveals a track from her debut album.

After a series of introductory releases and a standout appearance on the new SBTRKT album, Denai Moore’s debut album is coming in April. ‘Elsewhere’, the title track suggests we should be listening out for more from the album which was produced by Rodaidh McDonald (The xx, Adele, Daughter, Sampha) and Plan B.

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