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The 20 best songs of the last month

The 20 best songs of the last month


Grizzly Bear’s return after five years is like welcoming a familiar old friend. Despite the time lapse, ‘Three Rings’ is cut from the same cloth as the band’s previous material. Meticulous full-band layered arrangements that ominously circle the tune with Ed Droste singing about wanting “to show you my bad side.”

A too-short track from Dublin rapper Kojaque which serves as his best yet. “B***h keeps asking about Tame Impala, I Could show her loner but my innerspeaker won’t let shit in.”

Earworm highlight from Ailbhe’s surprise EP. She plays Glastonbury this month.

‘Liberty Belle’ is a retro rock’n’roll jam fitted with a Dublin accent. It’s short, sharp and stands out.

As the newness of two new LCD songs have worn off, both ‘Call The Police’ and ‘American Dream’ have embedded themselves into the LCD cannon as old friends. ‘Call The Police’ is more Bowie than U2 if we’re talking references and it’s good to have James Murphy back doing his weary anthem thing like no other.

Two of Ireland’s finest new acts combine on an 80s-style extended 12″ remix.

Awesome Tapes From Africa’s newest release has a disco pop persuasion and comes from 1988 via the artist Alec Khaoli aka Umoja.

A building highlight from Come On Live Long’s second album To Be Still.

Released as part of the Currency EP, ,‘Particle’ is typical of the band to meld electronic textures with more earthly tones. They say it’s “a deeply personal song that reflects a period of profound change within the band wherein the relationships of the members have shifted into unfamiliar territory, reflected in the song’s rapidly morphing textures.”

A highlight from Compassion, Matthew Barnes’ first album in four years.

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