Trust us, as we’ve visited the site already, the fields and forests surrounding Curraghmore House are the ideal locations for a late night dance. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to bring you our recommendations on the best selectors to check out over the bank holiday weekend. And don’t forget that Nialler9 is DJing on Friday night at the Belonging Bandstand after Sing Along Social. DJ playlist.
Stage times and site map are here.

12 must-see acts


The Black Madonna

Road To Nowhere, Friday, August 3rd.

One of the buzziest DJs in the World right now, The Black Madonna was named Mixmag’s DJ of the year 2016 and recently made resident DJ at Chicago’s infamous Smart Bar. Her set will be a tour de force of uplifting house and disco. Check out her nuts Boiler Room with Mike Servito.


Hot Chip Megamix

Road To Nowhere,Sunday, August 5th.

Hot Chip are absolute stalwarts of the British dance scene. Ditching the guitars and synths in favour of the decks for their set at ATN will definitely yield interesting results and this sounds like it’s going to feature a lot of Hot Chip in an apparently improvised setting so definitely not merely a band phoning it in.


Horse Meat Disco

Road To Nowhere, Friday, August 3rd.

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Horse Meat Disco are a foursome with a penchant for all things disco. They dig deep and always have records that’ll make you want to seek them out. Check out the second part of their mammoth 4 hour London Boiler Room. Proving that not all BR crowds just stand around looking bored.


Shanti Celeste

Road To Nowhere, Saturday, August 4th.

Bristol native Shanti Celeste will be bringing her brand of UK influenced deep house to Curraghmore house deep in the heart of Saturday night. Expect super deep lows and superb mixing skills.



Arcadia Spectacular, Friday, August 3rd.

The first Irish addition to our list, Saoirse spins the kind of heart warming techno and house music befitting All Together Now’s very first opening night. Check out her Boiler Room mix for a preview on the treat you’re in for.


DJ Deece

Arcadia Spectacular, Friday, August 3rd.

Hidden Agenda resident DJ Deece is a bit of a jack of all trades. Catch him in the Workman’s and he might drop some of the freshest hip-hop, catch him in a basement somewhere in the city and you might be treated to a dose of techno. For his Boiler Room, filmed at AVA Festival, he played all disco and opened with Krystal Klear’s ‘Neutron Dance’. If he does that again at ATN there could be riots.


Sally Cinnamon

All My Friends, Saturday, August 4th.

Sally Cinnamon’s been a staple of the Irish dance scene since the early 00’s. With residencies in Tripod, Ri-Ra as well as her own show on Radiomade all on the C.V along with cohosting Loose Joints on this very site, there’s few DJs as qualified to get hips swaying. Expect an ecletic mix of music spanning decades and genres and some fine shtyle on stage.


Sim Simma

One Love Stage, Friday, August 3rd.

Sim Simma are a Dublin based collective with a taste for exotic dance styles. Performing twice over the weekend at Curraghmore,including a set with their own soundsystem on their own stage on the Friday night, either of their sets are a must see who those who are at all interested in music of other borders.


Johnny Moy

All My Friends, Sunday, August 5th.

A staple of the Irish rave scene since the early 90s, Johnny Moy is one of the most experienced DJs on our list. Having cut his teeth helping to run and DJing in venues like RedBox and The Kitchen, Moy now spends much of his time working on film, including The Young Offenders and most recently Dublin Old School who are hosting a stage. Expect some straight up old school house.



One Love, Sunday, August 5th.

DIP are an Irish DJ collective comprised of DJs Cáit, Enda & Robbie. The trio have a weekly show on Raidio na Life and send their air time filling Irish ears with minimal house and a smattering of Techno. Check out their totally bonkers mix below.

Posted on July 31st, 2018


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Slipping out of the hustle and bustle of South William Street and into the warm orange of the listening room in Hen’s Teeth on Fade Street is like stepping from day into night. Outside, Dublin city is beginning to emit that weekend pulse. Inside, the few lucky enough to have gotten tickets to Hennessy Sound Lounge: An Autobiographical Journey Through Sound are sitting in the shadow of a colossal high fidelity speaker system, doing their best to not look too curious.

It’s a purpose-built space. Every detail of the room has been conceptualised and constructed with the goal of creating the best listening environment possible. The organisers at Hennessy have worked closely with This Greedy Pig and Hen’s Teeth as well as obviously taking some sage advice from those with an eye for interior design to create a space which replicates the aesthetic of a ’70s Japanese listening room. Picture plush fabric couches, dark wooden tables set low to the floor and a smattering of visual art hung in asymmetrical groupings upon the sunset orange walls. Then there’s the speaker system, the figurative centrepiece of the entire room.

Designed and built by Toby Hatchett, who makes his living doing this sort of thing for festivals and Hang Dai, a notable Chinese restaurant, the two stacks demand your attention as soon as you enter the room. Each stack must be seven foot, comprised of three individual speakers. A bright yellow cone for your highs atop the main cabinet, supported by a powerful subwoofer at the base. Even with the volume rolled down and the playlist set to background noise the system produces the sort of crystal clear music that would make any audiophile smile.

Before the crowd assembled can get their collective listening faces on, we’re lead downstairs by Paul Tuohy, a brand ambassador for Hennessy, for a tasting.  We spend about an hour learning about the rich history of the Hennessy brand, including its roots in Cork, a theme which will be continued throughout the night.

Back upstairs, DJ, Loose Joints cohost and event host Sally Cinnamon introduces the night and our co-host for the evening Aisling O’Riordan. Having cut her teeth as a member of the Morning Veils, as well as developing a reputation for hosting great gigs through the Quarter Block Party, O’Riordan seems like the perfect sort of music fanatic to lead us through a sonic autobiography.

The set up is simple and effective. Cinnamon and O’Riordan talk back and forth for a little while, then O’Riordan produces a record (vinyl of course) of her choosing for the crowd to listen to. Each of the records is chosen for its significance in the speaker’s life. So, we begin with all things Cork and some superb music courtesy of The Altered Hours.

There’s an excellent variety of music played throughout the hour and change the chat goes on for. We hop from Cork groups to Thundercat to early Blood Orange material. The sound quality is superb and the conversation even better. By the time we hit the final tune, the crowd has lost its inhibitions. Some are nearly prone, enjoying the comfort of the couches to the max. Others, including myself, are in the thinking man position, nodding along to the music. A few shoulders swing to the beat.

By the time we shuffle back out into the din of the night, there’s a tangible sense of an experience shared.   It’s a novel experience, totally nailed by the organisers at Hennessy. Grab some tickets here for the remaining events this week, while you still can.

Posted on July 25th, 2018

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Smithwick’s Soundtrack Series is back for its first instalment this year with Le Galaxie performing their take on the Apocalypse Now soundtrack. Support on the night comes from DJ Sally Cinnamon.

The gig takes place at Billy Byrnes, Kilkenny on Saturday, February 10th. Tickets priced at €10 are available from

Posted on January 30th, 2018


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Top buzzer DJ, podcaster and Loose Joints co-host Sally picks her 10.

See all the guest selections of 2017 so far.


Childish Gambino – Redbone

Possibly my favourite track of the year (although it’s technically a late 2016 track). It’s got it all. Glover’s falsetto hooked me instantly and its sexy groove evokes all kinds of the feels. You may even think it’s an old time classic from The Delfonics or Stylistics. Cool and understated like his awesome TV show Atlanta which is so worth a gander, Glover proves he’s a cat who knows what’s up. This is a stone cold classic.


I don’t think I’ve made a top ten list in the past four years that didn’t have a New Jackson track featured which is testament to the consistency and quality of the music David Kitt is producing. This is just so good.


Slowdive – Falling Ashes / Sugar For The Pill

It’s rare you hear such a solid comeback album from a band over 20 years since their last release and they sound just as good and reassuringly familiar. Slowdive’s fourth studio album Slowdive is a triumph and even if you’re not the biggest fan of shoegazey indie pop you can’t deny either of these tracks, I couldn’t choose between the two. Falling Ashes is a sad and dreamy lullaby that made me cry when I heard it first. Neil Halstead’s voice is as soothing and earnest as ever. Sugar For The Pill is a timeless classic and a mighty reward for jaded fans.


Sudan Archive – Come Meh Way

Sudan Archives is a 23-year-old self-taught violinist from Ohio who was signed to Stone’s Throw this year. This hooky number excited me greatly. The weird opening jolts of violin and the line “I can’t jump high but I hear all the notes.” It’s a playful and folky electronic buzz and the video is great too. Filmed in Ghana on her first trip there where she set out to teach young women how to play and record their own music. This lady is just deadly and I’m excited to see how her Stone’s Throw journey leads.


Washed Out – Get Lost

Another Stone’s Throw joint that made the summer more craic in your ears was this one from Washed Out. It’s about meditation I think but for me it’s about having a buzz on your own, clearing your head and getting lost in your own adventure. I listened to this a lot cycling to Seapoint to swim this summer and it brings me very good memories of being happy and enjoying my own company which can be a hard place to get to. That contentment, we take it for granted sometimes.


Michael Nau – Good Thing

Having a heavy heart and hearing a sad breakup song does something to you but obviously connects you to a song more than it might usually. Like Childish Gambino I was instantly in love with this track when I heard it. It felt familiar and sad and beautiful. Taken from his album this year Some Twist which is a very sweet a pensive collection of familiar themes; Love, loss and regret.


Senyaka – Don’t Judge Me Bad

Amsterdam’s Rush Hour Records unearthed the soulful electronic productions of Senyaka Kekana, a legendary South African musician, actor and comedian who played a key role in the development of kwaito in the mid 90s. Though originally released on his 1987 album Fuquza (Dance), this is the first time that both this track and its deeper A-side ‘Bayanyonyoba’ will see press on a 12” vinyl single.


Kaja – Flows & Return

Kaja is a new project from Dublin’s beloved GOODTIME John. It’s a very different beast and a fantastic and exciting one. Three of Dublin’s best musicians live in Sweden now raising their families and sending home delicious music. Dublin is never better at Christmas time when all the greats come home. The Redneck Manifesto gig on Jan 13th in Whelan’s is where all the love will be felt this year.


Baxter Dury – Miami (Parrot & Cocker Too Remix)

Props to Clare Beck for the heads up on this remix, I’ve been playing it out non stop. Prince of Tears was released in October of this year and it is a melancholy, angry and in parts funny ode to heartache. I’m not sure if I’d like him as much if I wasn’t such a fan of his father (Ian Dury), who’s influence is fairly prominent in Baxter’s music. Jarvis Cocker’s jib makes this quite the cheeky tune.


Kamasi Washington – Truth

It’s hard to describe how I felt when I saw and heard this piece for the first time. It’s an achingly beautiful 14-minute journey that leaves you full of wonder. The video seems as integral as the “six-movement suite” itself. I was lucky enough to catch his live show this year in the Concert Hall and it was magical. In a year of heightened social/racial injustice, exposed abuses of power and ‘fake news’, Kamasi brings the Truth!!!

See all the guest selections of 2017 so far.

Posted on December 18th, 2017



Loose Joints is a podcast where we talk to a guest and play music they like new and old. True to the name, the podcast features a loose collection of tunes, tied together by very little logic, just like our chats. Nialler9 and Sally Cinnamon are your hosts.

Another Love Story is the perfect gathering. A festival in a manor house in Meath where the audience was as integral to the vibe as the music and happenings. Lovingly organised with thoughtful programming (it finishes at 6.30 on a Sunday so it feels different to others) with attention to details down to the aesthetic of the bins.

Part of its intimacy extends to the library and front room where talks and performances happen and a sprinkle of spontaneity hangs in the air. Donal Lunny might show up and lead a folk club, your mate might start being a literal windowlicker when you’re recording a podcast as what happened when Loose Joints did a live recording of the pod with guests Conor O’Brien (Villagers) and Richie Egan (Jape).

Giddy tunes, Skin flutes, cowboy trousers, artists who are doses or not, dubstep remixes, being overshadowed by your duet collaborator, how to have a casual conversation with Bjork and outlier electronica are just some of the things we covered in our hour. Special thanks to Siobhan Kane for having us down in the Library and to the Another Love Story audience in the room and beyond.

Download: Loose Joints Podcast: Live at ALS with Conor O’Brien & Richie Egan(1 hour)

Songs played

A song that makes you feel giddy
Ponyo Theme Song (Richie)
Paul Simon – Wristband (Conor)
New music picks
Aldous Harding – Imagining My Man? (Sally)
Alex Cameron & Angel Olsen – Stranger’s Kiss (Niall)
Burnt Out – Dear James (Conor)
Lanark Arterfax – Touch Absence (Richie)
A song from your favourite festival experience
Dungen – Festival (Richie)
A post festival comedown song or album
Águas de Março by Antonio Carlos Jobim sung by Elis Regina (Conor)
A song from your favourite festival experience
Solange – Cranes In The Sky (Conor)
A song you wish you’d written
Bjork – History of Touches (Richie)
New music picks
Moon King – In & Out (Sally)
Wah Wah Wino – Paco’s Ode (Niall)
Johanna Warren – Figure 8 (Conor)
Lutto Lento – Gyal A Devil (Richie)
A post festival comedown song or album
William Basinski – Disintegration Loops 1 (Richie)
A song you wish you’d written
Big Star – Thirteen (Conor)
Kendal Johannson – Blue Moon (Niall)

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Photos: Allen Kiely.

Previous Loose Joints Episodes and tracklists

#9: Live at Science Gallery – Sample special
#8: Cian Murphy ( I Am The Cosmos)
#7:Greg Spring
#6: Gib Cassidy.
#5: Best of 2016 with May Kay.
#4: Aisling Rogerson
#3: Emmet Kirwan.
#2: Oisin Davis.
#1: Aidan Kelly.

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One of the arguments that you’ll often hear from male DJs and producers in response to the call for more female acts on festivals and stages of the music world is that women have the same opportunities as men so therefore they must either – a) don’t like music b) don’t have the desire to make it.

While that rhetoric is downright insulting in the first place, it glosses over the truth that men are in a more privileged position – there is precedence in their peers and history and they have more opportunities.

Women who do try get into DJing or music have to contend with the lads questioning their motives, mansplaining their track choices, dismissing their abilities, putting them in their place or presuming their looks outweigh their interest and talent. As a man, no-one has ever told me I couldn’t become a DJ but every woman that I know who is a DJ, has multiple stories of men doing the above. if you don’t believe me – ask them. I’m sick of seeing half the population of the world not represented as much as the other half – why aren’t you?

While I do believe that promoters and those in positions of power have to be conscious of the bias in gender when booking and consider other gender categorisations (on MERIT first, not quota-filling), the biggest change happens I believe, at the ground level, when a woman (or transgender, non-binary person for that matter) is encouraged to give DJing a go in a safe space, without judgement and with encouragement.

It’s something addressed in the above This Greedy Pig produced short-documentary Move The Needle by Joni – “there’s something about it when there’s a bunch of guys standing around it, you automatically feel like it’s not for you.” The film features some of the inspiring women who DJ and produce including ELLLL, Aoife Nic Canna, Cailín, Joni and my Loose Joints podcast cohost Sally Cinnamon.

Move the Needle is a series of free workshops by Gash Collective who do just that. Their workshops take place in Galway, Cork, Dublin and Belfast and are aimed at women who want to learn in a space like this. Each workshop will provide an introduction to using CDJs and turntables, beatmatching and Ableton production with leading female Irish producers, DJs and trained teachers. Featuring members of the Gash Collective and other leading figures from the industry, such as ELLLL, Eve, Lolz, Marian Hawkes and Aoife Nic Canna.

Smirnoff are involved as part of their “Equalizing Music” campaign which is working towards the promotion of the idea of doubling female headliners by 2020. Sign up to the below workshops at TGP.



DJ and Production Skills Workshop
3pm – 7pm, Sunday, 18th June
Galway Arts Centre


DJ and Production Skills Workshop
3pm – 7pm, Saturday, 22nd July
Wandesforth Gallery


DJ and Production Skills Workshop
3pm – 7pm, Saturday, 15th July
Catalyst Arts


DJ and Production Skills Workshop
3pm – 7pm, Saturday, 12th August
The Tara Building

Posted on June 14th, 2017

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“Be the buzz you want to have.”

So says EXs, the new club night starting in Button Factory tomorrow night (Saturday April 15th), in a “a two room buzz inspired by parties we weren’t born for and clubs in cities we don’t live in. The likes of Paradise, Gargage, Studio 54, Panorama Bar and the Hacienda.”

Presented by Nine Crows + Studio Drop (Drop Everything’s Mary Nally), expect “a celebration of friendship, strangers, lovers, music, dressing up, heading out and Ireland now.”

The Exs club night is posting style ideas on Instagram for the night (Optional dress code – Neon orange and black are prominent) and on the music front, DJs playing on the night are:

Main room – Byron Yeates, Frank B & Breen (DDR)
Bar – Sally Cinnamon & Greg Spring (This Greedy Pig)

Tickets via Dice app or Eventbrite from €12+.

Sally put together a playlist of sounds from her DJ playlists to give you an idea of what EXS will be like sonically. It features Orange Tree Edits, New Jackson, Chance, Long Island Sound, The Eagles, Midland, Jaakko, Eino Kalevi, Stretch, Black Madonna and more. Get in on with your EXS playlist.

Listen on Soundcloud

Posted on April 14th, 2017



Sally Cinnamon is a Dublin-based DJ and my cohost on our newly-formed Loose Joints Podcast (Subscribe), where you may have heard some of these tracks previously.

See all the top 10 tracks of 2016 guest selections.


Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – Help Me Get There (feat. Kurt Vile)

Only heard it this month and it stopped me in my tracks. Two of the sweetest voices together, Vile & Sandoval are evoking all the sultry passions of Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge’s Help Me Make It Through The Night. This was a late find but makes the list for me.


Lower Dens – Real Thing

Such slick groove from Lower Dens, 80s synthy shoegazey pop at it’s finest. It would certainly fit nicely on the Twin Peaks or Stranger Things soundtrack this year. Check out the video if you’re in the market for a cool new girl crush.


Lisa Hannigan – Lo

Speaking of girl crushes, the long awaited follow up to Passenger did not disappoint. I don’t think Lisa has ever sounded stronger, he voice is sublime throughout. heard this for the first time in Clonmel during the summer in the church with the band and I got shivers. She and the band have nailed something really special here, it needs to be seen live to be believed. Her talent is boundless, she continues to blow my mind more than any other Irish female.


Matt Corby – Sooth Lady Wine

Although nothing else on his album jumped out at me or even sounds like this track, there’s a timelessness to this. It’s so groovy and dreamy I absolutely love it.


James Blake – Love Me In Whatever Way

If ever there was an album proving an artist is going from strength to strength it’s this one. It delivers in every way. I fell in love track after track but ‘Love Me In Whatever Way’ was my first love. He’s just untouchable.


Kaytranada – Lite Spots

Kaytranada and Anderson Paak stole the show for me this year album wise. I was blown away. Cover to cover this delivered entirely. Everyone I gave it to fell for it’s addictive and hooky charms. Many’s a kitchen dance I had to this, what more could you want form an album?


Anderson Paak – Light Weight & Am I Wrong?

Genuinely cannot pick a favourite on the album. I don’t think I enjoyed an album more this year, between this and Kaytranada. It’s an absolute gem form start to finish. Whittled down to these two as they had the most number of plays, in de clurb.


Fatima Yamaha – Love Invaders

Probably the track I played the most at my gigs. It’s got absolutely everything. There’s nothing else you need to say about it. It’s an absolute gem.


Yves Tumor – The Feeling When You Walk Away

Another one I loved from the opening riff. So slick, so sexy. Love this dude’s vibe even though the album was slightly disappointing considering how awesome this track is. Let’s hope he’s got more in him.


Karl Blau – Fallin’ Rain

Exceptional cover of Link Wray’s 1971 track which Blau brings his own magic entirely to. Guest features include Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and Laura Veirs. It’s a choric dream from start to finish.The message is heavy and sad but there is something so joyous about it too. I know I’m gonna always love this tune.

Posted on December 13th, 2016


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Loose Joints is new podcast hosted by Nialler9 and Sally Cinnamon talking to people about the music they love: old and new.

In our second episode (see episode one), we are joined by booze enthusiast Oisin Davis of Great Irish Beverages (incorporating Irish Cocktail Fest, Irish Whiskey Fest and Irish Gin & Tonic Fest) and the creator of Poacher’s Tonic.

We talk about Oisin’s New Jersey upbringing, grown men crying over beautiful songs stuck in traffic, what it’s like to support Grandmaster Flash, the beauty of a basso profundo voice – the lowest you can get, a Hard Working Class Heroes highlight, the tune Oisin would like his kids to associate with him and a couple of Belfast bangers.

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Download: Loose Joints Podcast #2: Oisin Davis (103MB, 1hr 46mins)


  1. Yves Tumor – Role in Creation (Sally)
  2. James Vincent McMorrow – Rising Water (Oisin)
  3. Solange – Junie (Niall)
  4. What tune or band takes you back to your youth the most?
    Grandmaster Flash – The Message (Oisin)
  5. A tune that inspires you most?
    St Petersburg Male Choir – A prayer For The Dead (Oisin)
  6. Paul Robeson – Danny Boy (Oisin)
  7. Pional feat Empress Of – The Way That You Like (Sally)
  8. Favourite Irish song:
    Breda Mayock – If Your Heart Belonged To Me by (Oisin)
  9. Favourite Irish album:
    Headgear – Singing In The Drain, Headgear (Oisin)
  10. Le Boom – What They Do (Niall)
  11. Tune you’d like your kids to associate with you:
    The Ink Spots and Ella Fitzgerald – Making Believe (Oisin)
  12. 808 State – In Your Face (Bicep remix) (Niall)
  13. LOR – Moon (Sally)
  14. Bat for Lashes – Joe’s Dream (Oisin)

Special thanks to Sean Corcoran for facilitating recording.

Posted on October 12th, 2016

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Interlude Festival took place last October in the RHA Gallery and this year it’s back and expands to three days over five gallery rooms with an outdoor block party, outdoor courtyard and three stages, food garden, cinema & record store plus a craft beer bar and a cocktail bar. Interlude happens from Friday 24 – Sunday 26 June.

Lined up for the event is:

  • Lisa Hannigan
  • Dimitri from Paris
  • The Sugarhill Gang
  • Crazy P
  • Booka Brass Band
  • Interskalactic
  • exmagician
  • CC Brez
  • Ships
  • Sample Answer
  • TooFools
  • Kelly-Anne Byrne
  • Buffalo Woman
  • Alison Limerick
  • Billy Scurry
  • Donal Dineen A/V set
  • David Kitt DJ set
  • Cian O’Ciobhain
  • Sally Cinnamon
  • The Disconauts
  • Bon Voyage

Nialler9 will be curating a stage on the Sunday which will include Cian O’Ciobhain, Bad Bones and more.

A limited number of early bird weekend tickets for the festival go on sale this Wednesday at 9am priced €49 plus booking fee from General Weekend tickets priced €69 plus booking fee will go on sale this week from and outlets nationwide.

Posted on April 12th, 2016


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Sally Cinnamon is brilliant DJ and a top shelf buzzer based in Dublin. Catch her on Sunday at the Odessa Christmas party. She co-hosts a show on Radiomade from 6pm-8pm Wednesday. Here are top 10 tracks of the year as part of the Best of 2015 series.

1. Bastien Keb – Chicken Stomp

I came across this guy on Soundcloud two months ago and it’s been on heavy rotation ever since, it completely stopped me in my tracks. The amount of instruments he plays on the album is quite impressive too. Trumpet, bass, guitar and flute as well as his beautiful vocals, he’s definitely one to watch. There’s so much Curtis Mayfield-esque magic coming from it that I wouldn’t be surprised that like me, ‘Curtis’ was in his top ten life albums. I wrote to him just days after he released it to say how much I dig his buzz and he was incredibly gracious and seems like a real sound head. I’m excited about seeing how he might approach a live show.

2. Khruangbin – White Gloves

This shoegazey melodic dreamboat of a tune came to me from a pal Neil who’s always known exactly what I like. It’s from a little known Texas based band who are obsessed with Thai Funk and Psychedelic rock from Asia mostly. Recorded in a barn in the middle of the country side this album developed it’s sound from the tapes they listened to in the car on their way to recording each day. They said “This is the first song with lyrics we’ve ever written. We never really thought of ourselves as having a ‘singer’ but we knew that we wanted a voice for Khruangbin”. I’m really glad they’ve found their voice. I know I will love this track forever. The album is a total trip, a smoker’s delight.

3. Wounded Healer – Panic About Love

I’m incredibly proud of my pal Sorcha McGrath and got shivers when I heard this first. We all panic about love, not many of us can make it sound this cool though. McGrath says of her aim with her solo project Wounded Healer “I see so much polarising in the world around us, with such a concentration on making a villain of the ‘other’, so I want to embrace both sides to begin the process of understanding that we are all these things. These songs are about noticing these patterns and making changes from within.”

4. Villagers – Everything I Am

This beautiful album cast the soundtrack to some lovely memories this year for me. That fantastic Electric Picnic gig for one. There’s absolutely nothing I don’t love about Conor O’Brien.

5. Monika – Secret In The Dark

On a trip to New York in 2012, Monika, a Greek native, made a pilgrimage to Daptone Records’ Brooklyn headquarters, to see where some of her favourite artists recorded – from Sharon Jones to Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson. Almost on a whim, Monika knocked on the door, and Homer Steinweiss (founding member of the Dap-Kings & Menahan Street Band) answered. Soon she was playing demos she had on her phone for Homer and Thomas Brenneck (MSB, Budos Band, etc). The connection was immediate, and the next stage of Monika’s career began. This is hooky pop-funk gem is very very satisfying.

6. Ptaki – Termy

I know very little about this Polish duo who make deliciously spacey Balearic tunes with a hint of steamy 80s nostalgia, I do know though that I like it a lot.

7. Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Double Talk

I’ve been a fan of this guy for a while but I only had the an EP to go by, I was very much looking forward to his first album. It didn’t disappoint but didn’t pack the same punch the EP had for me. ‘Double Talk’ is a total trip, I absolutely love it.

8. Mbongwana Star – Malukayi (feat. Konono No. 1)

‘Made up of a sprawling network of shanty-towns and night shelters, day-to-day life in the city is far from easy, but the band don’t want sympathy. Tired of pre-conceptions around African music, Mbongwana Star (‘Mbongwana’ means ‘change’) are creating their own identity, fusing traditional Congolese rhythms with post punk and electronics inspired by life in the townships around them, “making magic out garbage” says producer and band member Doctor L (who produced Tony Allen’s ‘Black Voices’ album). The result is revolutionary. This isn’t an African band per se. It’s a trans-global barrier-busting sound machine.’

9. Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta –

Lamar’s Pimp To A Butterfly has been nominated for 11 Grammy awards this year was the first album of his that I paid attention to I gotta admit. It’s an incredibly powerful collect of conscious and observant numbers that highlight the social injustice, racial tension, hypocrisy and of course Love. Lamar himself describes the album as “Honest, fearful and unapologetic.” King Kunta is my favourite track from the album. I defy you to stand still when this track is playing, it’s completely infectious.

10. La Priest – Party Zute / Learning To Love –

I had so much fun dancing to this album this year but this track stood out in particular for major dance vibes. I must have played it at nearly every gig I did since it came out. Delightfully fun tune that refuses to let you sit down and nod along to. It’s a floor filler for sure. Thank you La Priest.

Posted on December 14th, 2015

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Vinyl Love is an idea started by Stevie G who ran it at the recent Quarter Block Party.

The idea is simple: DJs playing 7 of their favourite 7 inches all day.

I thought the day looked like fun so I asked him could we do the same in Dublin, except this time for a special cause. The Marriage referendum is taking place on May 22nd this year and I wanted to do something to raise money for Marriage Equality.

Having just got married myself, I think it’s unjust, unfair and indecent that two people can’t get married because of their gender/sexual orientation and the Marriage Referendum is our opportunity equalise that right for all Irish citizens.

So, Vinyl Love is a celebration of love and vinyl taking place two months before the vote on Sunday March 22nd on the rooftop of the Odessa Club. We’ll go all day from noon til the early hours of Monday morning.

There will be over 20 DJs and music lovers lining up to play 7 of their favourite 7 inches including:

Kelly-Anne Byrne (TXFM / Today FM) / Discotekken / Paul McLoone (Today FM/The Undertones) / Hidden Agenda / All City Records / Mother Club / Sally Cinnamon / Choice Cuts / Young Hearts Run Free / Nialler9 / Stevie G / Adultrock / Gib Cassidy (Elastic Witch & Girls Names) / Sweatbox / Una Mullally / le cool Dublin / State Magazine / Ships and more.

Facebook Event

Entry is free with suggested donation on the door. All money raised will go to Marriage Equality.

If you can’t make it you can donate directly.

Poster by the awesome Ronan Kelly.

Posted on February 25th, 2015


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Sally Foran was everywhere a good party was had in 2014: from Body & Soul to Drop Everything to house parties to special events in galleries and beyond. A chief buzzer with a great record collection and knowledge, you can catch Sally’s radio show on Wednesdays at 4pm on Radiomade.

Sally found it difficult to distil her favourites to a top 10, always a good sign. Here they are:

1. Timber Timbre – ‘Hot Dreams’

I’m in love with this track. Its synths, melatron and those lazy sexy waves of sax at the end. It’s simply delicious. The lyrics are goofy but he means it all the same. It’s got that velvety timelessness that The Bees ‘I Love You’ holds that commands your attention and stops you in your tracks. Saxy vibes from Canada, who knew says you!


2. Silk Rhodes – ‘Pains’

First prize for awesome and most apt band name for 2014 as far as I’m concerned. This lovely 45 comes courtesy of Stone’s Throw Records and I can’t think of a better label to represent their sound on this track. The sleeve of the 45 is a sheet of acid and it’s definitely somewhat trippy. The pace is gorgeous, it’s a slow-dancing stoner’s dream.

3. Mo Kolours – ‘Mike Black’

Alex Chase brings us a lovely blend of his Mauritian and English roots with his album Mo Kolours. It’s thoughtful, it’s reflective but it’s also playful and really really groovy. His use of percussion is joyous and never overdone, a beautiful sunny holiday album all round.

4. Tops – ‘Way To Be Loved’

I heard this track this summer and it was all I wanted to accompany me on smiling sunny strolls. It was instantly familiar, reminded me so much of early St Etienne which I loved so much as a late teen, it delivered fond and welcomed sentiment for me. I love the licks and and the Françoise Hardy-esque vocals, pure girl crush fodder.

5. The War On Drugs – ‘Red Eyes’

Lost In a Dream gives us everything you want from groovy grown up rock’n’roll. I managed to see them at Primavera which made my summer complete. Surrounded by nearest and dearest and on the ocean, it’s pretty much the only way to see your favourite bands and hear your albums of the year. The only other band that ever made me spazz out as much as I did at this gig was The Redneck Manifesto (R.I.P)

6. Sinkane – ‘New Name’

I met Sinkane frontman Ahmed through an NY buddy in Glasslands, Brooklyn last November. He DJ’d the best set I’d danced to that winter, all the lovely stuff I love the most was played so I wasn’t at all surprised I’d like his album as much as I do and his live show ten fold. They’re as tight as a duck’s arse and the energy and light show in Opium Room’s a few weeks back made it one of my favourite gig’s of the year.

7. Jamie xx – ‘Sleep Sound’

I’ve had this on heavy rotation since it’s release back in May and can’t quite put my finger on why I like it so much. It’s form and pace are testing in parts, it’s a little bit like a hurried tunnel journey if you will. It encompasses all that i love about electronic music. I haven’t tired of it at all and I’ve well overdone it at this stage.

8. New Jackson – ‘Of A Thousand Leaves’

hands down the most commanding dance track of the year and the most satisfying rise and fall NEW JACKSON has ever treated us to. Kittser’s more on form than ever these days and I love where he’s going with this. If you’re not biting your bottom lip and fist pumping the air three minutes in then my friend you’ve a little problem I’m afraid. It’s an absolute classic, I’ve no doubt I’ll love dancing to it and will be playing it for years to come.

9. Future Islands – ‘Doves’ (Vince Clarke remix)

Although this great effort from Vince Clarke doesn’t hold the timelessness that Seasons or A Dream Of You And Me might, and although I doubt it will age very well either, I still hold massively fond memories of dancing to this remix in 2014. You can hear the ghosts of Yazoo and Erasure strongly throughout but the production is perfect and it’s simple bass line platforms Samuel T. Herring’s heart warming vocal beautifully.

10. Caribou – ‘Can’t Do Without You’ ( Tale Of Us & Mano Le Tough Remix)

There a lot about the original that makes it sketchy when you play it in a loud and busy club so there’s really nothing else quite like the feeling you get when someone makes it super DJ friendly and maximises all your favourite bits. A fantastic contribution from Dublin’s techno hardshaw Mano Le Tough and the Berlin based A Tale of Us. This year has been particularly memorable for Dublin ravers, DJs and buzz fiends alike but this track definitely stands out as the one everyone is most grateful for. Good man, lads!

Posted on December 19th, 2014


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