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The best songs of the week

The best songs of the week


Jealous Of The Birds

Goji Berry Sunset

Jealous Of The Birds

A properly-recorded version of Armagh’s song does it justice.

Last year, in April, ‘Goji Berry Sunset’, a song from a seven-track EP called Capricorn, from Armagh singer-songwriter Naomi Hamilton aka Jealous Of The Birds turned heads.

Less than a year later, Hamilton’s lo-fi acoustic whistling Moldy Peaches-style tune has been given a polish for her debut album Parma Violets in April, the only track from the EP to graduate to it.

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Ryan Vail


Ryan Vail’s new album is inspired by an 89 year-old piano.

Derry-based musician Ryan Vail’s output last year was largely taken up with his collaborative project with Ciaran Lavery as Sea Legs.

For 2016, Vail is returning to the electronic world that he inhabits as a solo musician.

His debut solo album For Every Silence coming in March 25th (to Pledgemusic funders) and April 1st (Quiet Arch/Believe Recordings), the presser goes, is 89 years in the making, because of a piano utilised in the recording, which was originally made in England in 1927 before being shipped to Derry and used by Ryan’s wife Katie’s family. The piano was restored and plays a central part in the album.

The album’s first shared track ‘Wounds’ is a prickly synthesizer song of ambience and hushed vocals that doesn’t reveal too much of the piano to come.

Vail says the song is “about a piano who wants to be played but is ignored in his own room, the previous owner was a radio enthusiast so this explains the radio sample. Itโ€™s one of the most electronic tracks on the album.”

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