There isn’t going to be any more new Beastie Boys music unless we get some version of Hot Sauce Committee Part One.

As a longtime Beasties fan, I’m not sure that has really sunk in yet. But it’s where we’re at. Apart from the odd collaboration like Mike D on Cassius’ ‘Action’ (he also recently appeared with Slaves), that’ll be it from Adrock and Mike.

During the summer I spent a week listening to Beastie remixes (must do a post sometime) so this is right up my street. A couple of years ago, Coin put together a mashup album featuring Beastie Boys raps over Daft Punk beats and it’s been doing the rounds again this week.

It’s a fun listen too. Check It Out is my favourite.

Posted on November 18th, 2016


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It’s the 30th Anniversary of Beastie Boys’ album Licensed To Ill and there’s a few things out there worth paying attention to:

The band released a deluxe version of the album.

Boba Fatt did a short mix for Huey on BBC6 Music based on the album.

Pitchfork have a short video about the album’s creation.

David Mancuso, the founder of the famous New York club The Loft passed away yesterday: The Guardian / Rolling Stone

10 Classic tracks from David Mancuso’s The Loft.

A David Mancuso Spotify playlist.

Ranking Steely Dan’s albums in order.

Frank Ocean spoke to the New York Times in a rare interview.

A recording of Blindboy Boatclub at Banter is highly-recommended.

Watch Questlove, Rick Rubin, Pharrell, and more in Apple Music’s ‘808’ documentary trailer.

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Four years on from the death of MCA, it’s clear, as it should be that the Beastie Boys are done releasing music under the name.

In 2013, the remaining Beasties Mike D and Adrock appeared in a Yoko Ono video but there’s been very little else on offer.

On Friday, French band Cassius changed that with the appearance of a new song ‘Action’ featuring Mike D and singer Cat Power on the hook. It’s a rolling percussive dance track that has the hallmarks of a laid-back sunshine groove.

Posted on March 14th, 2016

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‘Too Many Rappers’ is a Beastie Boys song that appeared on Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, the band’s final album before MCA passed away. A different version of the song was released as a single in 2009 and Roman Coppola directed a video in 2010 at the band’s Bonaroo show in 2009 that would end up being the band’s last ever live show. The video was never released.

Until now. Beastie fan and videographer Eoin McLernon, an Irish English and New Media student stumbled across it on. He explains how he found it:

While travelling by bus from the city of Limerick via my native Clare to another city Galway, I was watching a Beastie Boys video on my iPad. Specifically, the video for the single ‘Don’t Play No Game (That I Can’t Win)’ featuring Santigold. While watching the end credits for the music video a particular name caught my eye. That name was Neal Usatin, a producer and video editor. I had seen this name on previous Beastie Boys productions and projects made by the late Adam Yauch’s film distribution company, Oscilloscope Laboratories. Intrigued, I decided to Google Neal in order to find out about more of his work. This led me to his website “” which featured his online résumé. Curiously, this curriculum vitae included a credit for work on a 2010 video for the Beastie Boys single “Too Many Rappers ft. Nas,” directed by Roman Coppola. Further research led me to Neal Usatin’s Vimeo uploads, and lo and behold, there it was, the fabled lost video which us Beastie fans have lusted after for the past five years. I cannot begin to describe the nervousness and emotion I felt as I loaded the video and watched it for the first time. It existed and was sitting online in its entirety for years, unbeknownst to our tight-knit community of fans.

As soon as I arrived in Galway, I made my way to a friend’s house to celebrate his birthday. I had one goal, to reach a stable internet connection and share this new video with my fellow Beastie Boys fans via the band’s official message board. As soon as I did so, I started to receive a huge influx of Facebook friend requests and forum replies and Facebook messages thanking me for my discovery. My phone did not stop buzzing all night as I had a few casual drinks with friend’s to celebrate the aforementioned birthday. The response from the fans has been overwhelming, as this is possibly the biggest Beastie Boys related news since the tragic death of founding band member, Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch, on the 4th May 2012. This has certainly been among the most exciting 24 hours of my life of the past few years. I’ve even been offered money and a kidney if I ever need it by one fellow fan! It was also suggested that I make my way to New York this coming summer for MCA DAY 2015. Attendance at such an event would make my year! The video is better than I could have possibly imagined as it contains some emotional scenes from the group’s last ever live performance at the Bonnaroo music festival in 2009.

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I’ve been on a bit of a Beastie Boys buzz this week, something which happens a lot when the sun starts appearing. So this edits collection from Brainfeeder’s Jeremiah Jae has arrived on the right day.

Black Castle is a 12-track download of psychedelic soul-tronic instrumentals with rhymes from ‘Just A Test’, ‘Flowin’ Prose’, ‘Electrify’, ‘Time To Build, ‘Grasshopper Unit’, ‘Intergalactic’ and ‘Check It Out’. It works reaaaal nice. Download link.

Here are two cuts from it:

Jeremiah Jae – ‘Alv (Grss Hoppr Unit) Remix’

Jeremiah Jae – ‘Entergltc’

Thanks: Declan !Kaboogie for the tip.

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It’s taken three years for Solid Steel DJs Cheeba, Moneyshot and Food to construct their own version of the Beastie Boys’ album Paul’s Boutique (aka one of the greatest albums ever) entirely out of the original songs sampled on the album of which there are 150. Inspired by Moneyshot’s Check Your Head album along the same lines, the result is Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way Mix, a hour long reconstruction and homage to the album and the Beasties which also features interviews with the band, demos and quotes. I can’t really imagine a better tribute to MCA, who passed away a few months ago. Artwork by Jim Mahfood.

Serious tracklisting…

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Beastie boys Idol

This was first aired in 1998 and my friend Ciaran recorded it for me on VHS and made a cover for it and everything. It’s up on Youtube but it parts are missing due to copyright claims. Here’s the full version via Vimeo. A great watch. RIP MCA.

Here’s a best of the Beasties mix.

The first MCA line of every song he appeared on:

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RIP Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch aka MCA who died today aged 47 from cancer. It’s devastating news. His passing marks the end of the trio of Mike D, Adrock and MCA as a band, a unit, a rap group. We will never see the three of them finish each others rhymes in the flesh ever again.

The Beastie Boys define my teenage years. Ill Communication, Hello Nasty, Paul’s Boutique and Check Your Head are very much responsible for shaping my musical tastes. The cleverly placed snatches of samples from funk, reggae, country and rap albums made me want to explore those other genres of music. MCA was always the elder, the enlightened, the one who kept the other two mad hatters grounded in reality; both on record and in interviews.

Mark Richardson, writing for Pitchfork perhaps has best summed up the appeal of the Beastie Boys:

MCA was the best rapper in the Beastie Boys as well as the best instrumentalist, and he also directed some of their many brilliant videos. But he was never the “leader” in any way because this wasn’t a group that needed a leader. The Beastie Boys are ultimately a celebration of friendship. You find people you care about and who care about you, and you make a community with them. The Beasties, both as a group and as individuals, embodied this ideal.

Thank you Adam Yauch aka MCA aka Nathaniel Hornblower aka Nathan Wind aka Sir Stuart Wallace for your part in my life and the lives of many others whether that was through your music, your music videos, your rhymes, your silly characters, your spirituality or your activism. Your rasp will be missed. I’m off to throw eggs at passers by in your honour.


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Hot Sauce

After the new videos and an album livestream from Madison Square Garden center court, Beastie Boys have posted their new album for listening in full on Soundcloud and Youtube. Personally, I love it. It takes elements of their sound from Check Your Head and Ill Communication and mixes it up resulting in a fresh take on the Beasties’ sound.

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two by Beastie Boys

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Update: the video is now official and the album is now streaming below!

Watch the full explicit almost 30 minute Fight For Your Right Revisited film from the Beastie Boys which debuted on Comedy Central last night and features this insane cast. Check out the Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2. pre-order.

Watch live streaming video from beastieboys at

There’s a ‘Make Some Noise’ high quality video culled from the same movie which can be watched on MTV UK.

Say It by Beastie Boys

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Only last week I was wondered when Santi would return. This new tune featuring Karen O and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (produced by Q-Tip, Switch and Santi) will stay with you after a few listens. An interview with the song as jump-off point is also on the Jay-Z site.

Santigold Ft Karen O – Go

In a double whammy Santigold makes an impressive appearance on ‘Don’t Play No Game that I Can’t Win’ a reggae-infused song with potential Summer jam crossover appeal on Beastie Boys’ new album Hot Sauce Committee Pt.II. Hear it at 3:10 in the album preview.

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All kinds of amazing. Two Beastie Boys posts in a week.

The trailer for the 30 minute video for the Beastie Boys ‘Fight For Your Right Revisited’ stars Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride (as vintage Beasties), Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Jack Black (as future Beasties), the real Beasties (as cops), Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Will Arnett, Ted Danson, Steve Buscemi and Jason Schwartzman. The Full cast list is a whopper.

The deluxe album pre-order is looking mighty tempting. Edit: Just bought the $49 ($72 with shipping) package.

You can hear the Passion Pit remix at Consequence Of Sound.

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YES. Probably my favourite band in the world ever, Beastie Boys return with the first single ‘Make Some Noise’ from Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2. It sounds like something of Check Your Head. Always a good thing. The album is out in early May and this single drops digitally on April 11th with a Record Store Day release on the 16th backed with a Passion Pit remix.

If the stream is down, try the official Beastie Tumblr.

Posted on April 6th, 2011