Ruairi Lynch aka Bantum’s Move album is nominated for a Choice Music Prize this week and to mark the occasion, here are two top-quality remixes from Irish artists Mix & Fairbanks and Phare (both from Newbridge, Kildare).

M&F’s version of ‘Move’ takes the original’s metallic percussive loop and reworks it as a funky dancefloor stomper. Phare’s version of ‘Take It’ ups the hypnotic swerving rhhythm with snatches of the original’s voices

Both tunes are a free download on Bandcamp.

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Mix & Fairbanks, alongside Adultrock, Cinema, Phare, and Conor C will be starting a label under the name of ‘045 Recordings’ with a few releases already planned for the year.

Posted on March 7th, 2017

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The Irish Jam is a radio show on Wandsworth Radio in London presented by Niall Jackson and Kealan Duignan broadcasting Friday from 2 to 4pm. That’s the paddywhacking poster above.

On Friday March 17th, they’ll be having a St Patricks Day Party at The Grove, 279 Battersea Park Road where they’ll be broadcasting live with musical guests from 6pm:

Bantum, Knoxville Morning, Rob Corcoran & The Necessary Evils, and Niall Jackson’s own solo project Swimmers.

It’s free in and if you can’t make it, you can get the show on and the TuneIn App.

Posted on February 10th, 2017


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The Choice Music Prize is this year the RTÉ Choice Music Prize for the first time and the announcement of the 10 Irish albums were revealed a short time ago on 2FM’s Tracy Clifford Show by Tony Clayton Lea, chairman of the judging panel.

The 10 albums shortlisted by the judges for Irish album of the year are:

Shortlisted albums

All Tvvins – IIVV (Warner Music)
Bantum – Move (Self Released)
Wallis Bird – Home (Mount Silver / Caroline International)
The Divine Comedy – Foreverland (Divine Comedy Records)
Lisa Hannigan – At Swim (Hoop Recordings)
Katie Kim – Salt (Art For Blind Records)
James Vincent McMorrow – We Move (Faction Records)
Overhead, The Albatross – Learning to Growl (Self Released)
Rusangano Family – Let The Dead Bury The Dead (Self Released)
We Cut Corners – The Cadences Of Others (Delphi)

A Spotify playlist of all albums

The winning act will receive €10,000, a prize fund which has been provided by The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) and The Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA). All of the shortlisted acts will receive a specially commissioned award. RAAP, Culture Ireland & Golden Discs are also official project partners.

2FM has promised to play Irish music all day from 6am to midnight today to mark the announcement along with live cessions from SOAK and Delorentos and a two-hour special on this year’s RTÉ Choice Music Prize, Irish Album of the Year 2016 shortlist, presented by Conor Behan from 8-10pm.

Live event

Shortlisted albums will also be featured throughout in the lead up to the live choice prize event on Thursday March 9th in Vicar Street.
Tickets for the Choice Music Prize live event are available at all Ticketmaster outlets and at priced €26.50 including booking fee.

Judging Panel

Louise Bruton – Freelance & Irish Times
Brian Coney – Editor, The Thin Air
Maire Dineen – Súgradh Productions (Imeall TG4/Body & Soul)
Suzanne Doyle – Music, Film & Television Consultant
Dan Hegarty – 2FM
Paddy McKenna – Editor,
Cathal Murray – RTE Radio 1
Barbara Nic D – Classic Hits 4FM
Colm O’Regan – Hot Press
Niall Power – Head of Music Beat FM
Eva Short – Deputy Editor, Trinity News

Irish Song of The Year 2016

The shortlist for the RTÉ Choice Music Prize – Irish Song of The Year 2016 will be announced on Wednesday 1st February, 2017. A Special event featuring exclusive performances from both Album of the Year and Song of the Year nominees will be held in Dublin that evening in the Workman’s Club.

Previous winners of the Choice Music Prize

2015: Soak
2014: The Gloaming
2013: Villagers
2012: Jape
2011: Delorentos
2010: Two Door Cinema Club
2009: Adrian Crowley
2008: Jape
2007: Super Extra Bonus Party
2006: The Divine Comedy
2005: Julie Feeney

Posted on January 11th, 2017


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I’ve spent 11 years writing about and documenting Irish music, with an emphasis on Dublin, my hometown and capital city.

The music scene has changed a lot in those times, not only from the industry side: with the revenue in flux, streaming music changing the landscape and a greater emphasis on the experience that can’t be downloaded – the live music and club scene.

An increase in bands and artists buoyed by the possibilities that digital access affords has lead to a varied music scene no longer anchored by a monotone stream of singer-songwriters. Dublin’s music scene and the acts playing it represents an embrace of sound, a widening of the net, an exploration of the possibilities.

Nialler9 in association with Absolut came together to talk to the people who work in music and the people who promote, play and make it, about how they feel the music made here. There’s a sense of energy brewing once more. Dublin’s small size makes it a perfect place to play. You get to know other musicians and promoters. Artists cross-pollinate and collaborate. No one genre exists in their own bubble as in a city this size, especially at a festival like Metropolis; the possibility two bubbles can intersect and form a more interesting place, is never far away. A sense of collaboration and size means the prism of Dublin’s music can be discovered with ease.

In this video by Allen Kiely, we talked to the likes of Loah, Bitch Falcon, Le Boom, Homebeat, Ruth Medjber, DJ Deece, Hidden Agenda, DJ Sally Cinnamon, Kelly-Anne Byrne and Bantum.

We got a sense of how a city collaborates, influences, intersects, builds community, energises, grows, makes spaces and places for magic to happen.

The leading city lights mentioned by the assembled include Cinema, Yamamori Tengu, Metropolis, Saint Sister, Girl Band, Wastefellow, Damola and Akora.

Music is by Le Boom – ‘What We Do’

Posted on December 12th, 2016


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Ruairi Lynch makes music under the name Bantum. This year, he released his second LP Move with guest features from Loah, Rusangano Family, CC Brez, Farah Elle and Senita.

He plays Cork tonight with Rusangano and Dublin on the 16th next week.
See all the top 10 tracks of 2016 guest selections.


Childish Gambino – Me and your Mama

A two-minute mellow soul intro leads to this insane psych-funk blowout. I was never that much of a Gambino fan, but this track has piqued my interest. From the screamed falsetto vocals, to the pitched laughter, to the fuzz guitar – I did not see any of this coming, and I love that.


Kendrick Lamar – untitled 03 05.28.2013

I’m addicted to the drums on this track, how the bass synth (?) follows the kick. It’s a short track from an almost casually released album by Lamar, but it’s become one of my favourites of his.


Waffles – Hankuri

I have the Lumo DJs to thank for this! Such a banger. I haven’t a clue what the singer is saying but the beat is so addictive. Shades of Soulwax / 2manyDJs in there…


DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels – Nobody Speak

A perfect match up. I especially love the horns (were they sampled??) and the fact that El-P I believe had to be convinced to include them in the mix. The video for this is essential viewing.


Kaytranada – Lite Spots

Another track with a great video. This kind of reminds me of the house tracks you used to hear on the radio in the ’90s. This was my introduction to Kaytranada and I proceeded to devour his 99.9% album.


A Tribe Called Quest – Melatonin

It was a toss between this and “The Space Program” from “We Got it From Here…” I just love the guitar in this, you can just hear the strain on the higher notes. Its all over the album. Q-Tips production is immaculate, and its great to hear his voice again.


James Vincent McMorrow – Rising Water

This might be my favourite song from James so far. Great uplifting chorus and driving beat. The production from Nineteen85 works really well, paring the instrumentation down to the most necessary elements.


Windings – Ambivalence Blues

A beautiful, melancholy song. Steve quoted this track the day Trump was elected – “I think I’m starting to dislike this place” – Fitting.


Frank Ocean – Nikes

I think I listened to this more than the rest of the Blonde album combined. I’m usually not too enamoured by pitched vocals but this works. It really adds to the effect around three minutes in when he comes in with the guitar and un-pitched vocals. Another very minimal arrangement.


Katie Kim – Ghosts

This song is so good I haven’t yet listened to the rest of Katie’s album through yet. A powerful album opener. The sparse drums, synths and vocals drenched in moody reverb make this sound massive.

Posted on December 9th, 2016


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From December 9th – 11th in The Kino in Cork, promoters Southern Hospitality Board present three nights of their favourite acts, both Irish and international including Rusangano Family, The Altered Hours, Rozi Plain, Bantum, The Bonk, Shaker Hymn and Anna Mieke Bishop.

A weekend ticket is €36 but you can win two weekend passes worth twice that in the widget below.

Kino Weekender

Individual shows

The Sudden Club : Rusangano Family + BantumFriday 9th December, 7.30pm
Price: €16
The Sudden Club: The Altered Hours + The Bonk
Saturday 10th December, 7.30pm
Price: €13
The Sudden Club: Rozi Plain + The Shaker Hymn + Anna Mieke BishopSunday 11th December, 7.30pm
Price: €12

Posted on November 25th, 2016


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Four years on to the month, Cork producer Ruairi Lynch, Bantum, follows up his debut album Legion with a 7-track mini-album called Move.

The catalyst for the album’s formation, ‘Take It’, featuring impressive vocals of Dublin / Sierra Leonean Sallay-Matu Garnett AKA Loah also serves as the blueprint for guest vocalists.

Bantum’s production is more defined than Legion, which had a tendency to build on textures, Move keeps thing trimmer and it’s for the better.

The opening two tracks ‘Moving’ – a pulsing synth and guitar orbiting track and ‘Pacing’ an ambient piano (inspired by Conor Walsh) and percussive break intro the album. For an album largely made at home, it’s as if Lynch is warming up for the vocalists to come visit. A mixed segue into ‘Feel Your Rhythm’ provides that switch for Rusangano Family and Senita Appiakorang and the pared production allows them to shine.

Other highlights include the rising Dublin vocalist Farah Elle on ‘Feel It Out’, CC Brez and Louize Carroll provide some funk pop (Lynch is a huge Prince fan) to ‘Voodoo Sweat’ while London newcomer Weisman closes the album with heady soul electronica of ‘Already There’.

That Move was never really intended to be made and put out gives the release a freeing aspect. At 33 minutes, it’s a snapshot of collected work from Lynch, while also stating the case for an improved musician, arranger and a collaborator who inadvertently showcases a new breed of Irish musicians in the process.

Buy the album from Bandcamp direct from the artist.

Posted on October 21st, 2016


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Cork producer Ruairi Lynch aka Bantum is back with news of the followup to his 2013 debut album Legion.

Move, will be released this Friday digitally and features guest appearances from Rusangano Family, CC Brez, Senita and Farah Elle. Bantum’s recent collaboration with Loah, ‘Take It’ also features.

‘Feel Your Rhythm’ is an alchemic result of a three-way collaboration between Lynch, singer Senita Appiakorang (Shookrah, Lakerama) and Rusangano Family’s God Knows and MuRli.

The album is the result of two years work. Of the process, Ruairi says:

“I wrote the first line of the title track – “Move” – nearly 2 years ago. The arrangement came quickly but I had a sound in my head that I couldn’t quite get, so it was scrapped. I had to relearn a thing or two. After some exploration I found another sound in mind. This became “Take It” with Loah, which also sparked the idea for “Voodoo Sweat” with CC Brez and Louize Carroll. “Pacing” also came from those sessions, taking direct inspiration from the late Conor Walsh (who the song is dedicated to) and Jon Hopkins.

Farah Elle came on the recommendation of her brother, and within 2 days of sending her the track we had “Feel It Out”. A chance trip to London led me to Adam Townsend, otherwise known as Weisman. A shared appreciation of all things Moderat/Thom Yorke led me to send him the demo that would eventually become “Already There”. “Feel Your Rhythm” was a track I had initially worked on with Senita, but it needed more. God Knows from Rusangano Family insisted I send on any ideas, and this was the one.

Now, the first track I started became the last one to finish. On the insistence of a friend I dug out that first scrapped instrumental and reworked it. I didn’t really expect to have this bunch of songs, let alone one or two. I have my friends to thank for that. “

Bantum – Move Tracklisting

  1. Move
  2. Pacing
  3. Feel Your Rhythm [feat. Rusangano Family & Senita]
  4. Feel It Out [feat. Farah Elle]
  5. Take It [feat. Loah] [extended version]
  6. Voodoo Sweat [feat. CC Brez & Louize Carroll]
  7. Already There [feat. Weisman]

Bantum Live dates

Friday 9.12.2016 :: The Kino, Cork [w/ Rusangano Family]
Friday 16.12.2016 :: Dublin [details TBA]
Wednesday 21.12.2016 :: Dolans, Limerick [w/ Rusangano Family]

BantumBandcamp | Spotify | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Posted on October 17th, 2016

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As part of the upcoming Interlude Festival in the RHA Gallery, off Stephen’s Green from the 24 – 26th of June in Dublin city, I have curated a room on the Sunday of the festival of live electronic & DJ sets for the Tony Ryan Room.

While the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Booka Brass Band, Interskalactic play the Block party outdoors and Kelly-Anne Byrne and Dmitri In Paris have a disco ball upstairs, the Tony Ryan room on Sunday June 26th will feature:

DJ Cian Ó Cíobháin (Midnight – 1:30pm)


A stalwart of Irish radio for the last 17 years through his show on RnaG An Taobh Tuathail, Cian is one of Ireland’s finest DJs (110th Street in Galway) and selectors and he doesn’t play Dublin enough.

Solar Bears (live A/V set) – (10:30pm – 11:30pm)

After three albums of on Warp Records, Planet Mu and Sunday Best, Solar Bears have confirmed themselves as Ireland’s most cinematically-driven act taking in wistful Boards Of Canada-style electronic ambience, krautrock, library music, psychedelia and tough synthesizers. The Interlude show will be a live A/V set. Check out their recent Boiler Room mix for an idea of what to expect.

Bantum: Prince A/V set (9pm – 10pm)

Ruairi Lynch is a huge Prince fan who has played his own unique take on Prince tracks live in the past. At Interlude, Lynch will air his specially remixed and mashed up tribute to the Purple One with visuals by LeTissier.

Bantum with some Prince jams #noadvance

A video posted by Nialler9 (@nialler9) on

Daithí (8pm – 8;45pm)


The Galway electronic pop producer with the fiddle in tow recently followed up his debut album with this smash featuring Sinead White – ‘Love’s On Top’.

Adultrock (7pm – 7.45pm)


With a new release on Bodytonic this week, Gavin Elsted is pushing the analogue buttons of electronica with his hazy widescreen dancefloor productions which take inspiration from John Talabot and a hardware-heavy recording ethos.

Bad Bones (6pm – 6:45pm)


Sal Stapleton has been releasing a tune and video a month of dark-gilded electronic R&B that recalls FKA Twigs and Maya Jane Coles. Live, she’ll be flanked by dancers.


Tickets are €29 per day. Weekend tickets are sold out.


Posted on June 23rd, 2016

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