Set in the Royal Hibernian Academy Gallery,  Hennessy Lost Fridays has hosted some of the best new Irish artists on the music scene such as Bad Bones, Wastefellow and Talos along side artistic showcases from the likes of Will St Leger and Leah Hewson over the past year. 

Lost Fridays aims to highlight the inspiring cross-discipline creative talent with an emphasis on music performances. As it takes place in a working art gallery, the veent hosts viewings of its art works, an offering which no traditional music venue in the city can match. 

Exploring the art forms

A guided tour in the upstairs Gallagher Gallery by RHA director Patrick T. Murphy and artist Vera Clute, winner of the Hennessy Portrait Prize 2015 was on offer to early attendees on Friday evening before the main programme. The exhibition presents a wide range of portraits explored in many different art forms by the artist, from paintings, porcelain and concrete sculpture to moving paper sculpture, wax sculptures and a novel animated portrait experience. 

Kicking off the party atmosphere in a gallery setting, downstairs Whelan’s resident DJ Alex Donald playing a fitting mix of rock, pop, electro, house and hip hop; everything from Hot Chip to Azealia Banks.

Next door, a splash of new technology met a classic art form as the resident Hennessy Auto Portrait Robots, offered mechanically-drawn personal portraits. Mixologists made up generous Hennessy cocktails at the bar,  while a giddy group of friends took part in a tasting masterclass.

A diverse energy 

The first live performance on the night came from Dublin-based Come On Live Long, a Nialler9 favourite, who offered soothing sounds in a colourful and energetic set. The ambience of the lighting on the night furthermore added to the layered tones that this band reflects. The title track from the new album In the Still provided an emotionally-charged performance, with haunting vocals from Louise Gaffney and Robert Ardiff. ‘Sum of Its Parts’ furthered this emotional charge with the lyrics “Feel it, Feed Me” ringing out in harmony.

Next up were late 80s-inspired indie band Columbia Mills, who kept the tempo moving with an upbeat start to their set that slowly revealed tones similar to that of Joy Division with electronic textures. A subtle Dublin tone shone out reflecting their name, inspired by the old Columbia Mills building on the quays in the 90s. The set was drawn to a close with new tracks ‘Battles’ and ‘This City Doesn’t Feel Like Home to Me’, strong vocals and catchy drum beats that ended the night on a high.

This instalment of Hennessy Lost Fridays delivered a dynamic array of artistic talent and participation that was reflected in the night’s the musical performances. A sense of the Dublin art scene was on show that presented traditional art forms being transformed into something distinctly new. 

Posted on October 26th, 2017

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Come On Live Long’s singer Robert Ardiff released his debut solo EP in February 2016.

The release offered the songwriter a different avenue from COLL’s sound of atmospheric and textured music as heard on their recent album.

Ardiff has since completed a debut album Between The Bed and Room which will be out next month, recorded in a limited and disciplined fashion:

“The project started when a friend of mine said to me that ‘if you write a page of a book a day, in a year you’ll have a book’. Taking this idea and applying it to music, the album was recorded in my boxroom in two hour night time stints during the winter and spring of this year. By setting boundaries with time, the recording equipment I used (a 12track Tascam) and the instruments I played (all Analogue synths or Acoustic instruments), I was able to just do one track takes with very little editing involved. I wanted to create something that sounded real, tangible and something that sounded like it was played by a person in their bedroom and not a machine. The songs were lovingly mixed by my Come On Live Long band mate; Ken McCabe and the drums by Paul Kenny “

‘Paint Your Nails’ is our first listen into what he concocted and it’s accompanied by a video shot on a bike around Dublin by by Highly Stimulating Productions.

Come On Live Long play RHA Gallery for Hennessy’s Lost Fridays this Friday.

Posted on October 17th, 2017

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RHA’s Hennessy Lost Fridays returns for its last event of the year this Friday in the Gallery on Ely Place.

If you’ve not attended a Lost Fridays event yet, expect an evening of curated sounds drawn from the best of Ireland’s music scene, DJs and Hennessy cocktails in unique and functioning art gallery space.

Performers for this Friday include Nialler9 favourites Come On Live Long,  80s-inspired indie from Columbia Mills, and Whelan’s resident DJ Alex Donald  who will be playing a mix of electro, house, hip-hop, pop and rock.

Tickets €20 + booking fee (include two complimentary Hennessy cocktails) from the Eventbrite page and the event is over 21st.

To win 2 tickets:
Email [email protected] with the gig in the subject line and your name in the body.

Some art and tasting events are also happening on the night including:

  • RHA’s art facilitators Hazel and Amie showing visitors how to make Great Gatsby inspired 1920’s feathered masks, headbands and fake moustaches. A
  • Artist Bassam Al-Sabah will assist guests in creating their own masterpiece sculptures at the Clay Bar. 
  • Get your portrait drawn by one of RHA’s three resident robots.
  • Get lost in floor to ceiling reflections of yourself as far as the eye can see in the Hennessy Infinity Room.
  • Learn about Hennessy’s Savoir-Faire at a tasting masterclass with the Hennessy Brand Ambassador, featuring Very Special, V.S.O.P and X.O.
  • Throughout the night Hennessy’s expert mixologists will also create Hennessy cocktails, including Hennessy & Ginger and Hennessy Sidecar.
  • RHA’s Coppa Café will be supplying scrumptious food throughout the night.
  • Attendees can also arrive early and enjoy walking tours of the RHA Exhibitions Plunge by Vera Klute in Gallery I and Strange Attractors by Ronnie Hughes in Galleries II & III with RHA Director Patrick T. Murphy.

More info on the Facebook event page.

Follow Hennessy on Twitter @HennessyIRL and Instagram @HennessyIRL.

Follow RHA on Facebook: RHA Gallery / Twitter: @RHAGallery /

Instagram: RHA Gallery

Posted on October 16th, 2017

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In The Still, the second album from Irish four-piece Come On Live Long feels like a refresh and a recalibration of the step up of their first.

In The Still, mixed by the band’s Ken McCabe and produced together was recorded while the band members all lived in different places, which augmented the recording and creative process. That time allowed the band to develop from one you could have called an “indie” band back in 2013 to one that feels more modern, that is able to bring in new soulful textures and synth tones with an overall increased confidence in their democratic songwriting.

Apart from the songs we’ve heard from it before, the title track is a elusively building highlight, ‘Why Don’t You’ moves from layered band arrangement to swirling noise, ‘Peak’ is ethereal ambience, ‘My Love Is Leaving’ has a stripped-back folk falsetto thing going on and ‘Slipstream’ is lilting brightness.

Listen to the album here in full and buy the vinyl at Bandcamp.

Posted on May 16th, 2017


Come On Live Long are set to release their second album In The Still on May 19th and ahead of that date, they’ve announced a Whelan’s gig on June 17th and shared the title track and a video for the song by Albert Hooi with dancing by Robyn Byrne.

This one was written out west in the depths of a jam session. We brought it back to life out with Rian Trench and did some experimenting with the harsh electronic drums you hear on the end. It also features a Kalimba borrowed from a friend that was re-amped using one of Rian’s homemade amplifiers to give it a really dirty sound. You’ll hear that just where the tune breaks towards the end!

“For us this album represents a lot more than just four years of hard graft. It is significant because it documents a time where we collectively learned how to accept life in all of its highs and lows, that when things become dormant there is always something waiting to happen, an imminent stir in the still, in whatever form that may be. We feel we have pressed a lot of ourselves into this one. Some of these songs coming straight from our most personal spaces, late at night, in our respective bedrooms, and some coming from energetic bursts of all day and all night writing sessions together. We know this one has taken its time but we have pored over every tiny facet of it to make sure it is exactly as we want you to hear it.”

Come On Live Long Track list

Sum Of Its Parts
In The Still
Bones To Break
Why Don’t You
For The Birds
Little Hedgehog
My Love Leaves

Posted on May 5th, 2017

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It was a pleasure to have Come On Live Long play a rare live set at our recent Future Proof night with Homebeat and O’Haras in Bello Bar (next one is April 19th). The band have remained a band who make music that skirts the obvious even when creating music that could be labelled ‘indie’ or ‘rock’.

With some recent singles now in their rear-view, the band have announced their new album In The Still (May 19th), their first since 2013’s Everything Fall.

Inspired by the band’s geographical separation from each other in its construction, the album explores that isolation with ethereal textures that have been increasingly found in their music. New song ‘Sum Of Its Parts’ is another fine example of why this band remain so magnetising.

“For us this album represents a lot more than just four years of hard graft. It is significant because it documents a time where we collectively learned how to accept life in all of its highs and lows, that when things become dormant there is always something waiting to happen, an imminent stir in the still, in whatever form that may be. We feel we have pressed a lot of ourselves into this one. Some of these songs coming straight from our most personal spaces, late at night, in our respective bedrooms, and some coming from energetic bursts of all day and all night writing sessions together. We know this one has taken its time but we have pored over every tiny facet of it to make sure it is exactly as we want you to hear it.”

The album was produced by Come On Live Long and mixed by band member Ken McCabe. The album will be available for pre-order on vinyl and streaming from May 19th.


  1. Sum Of Its Parts
  2. In The Still
  3. Bones To Break
  4. Why Don’t You
  5. Peak
  6. For The Birds
  7. Little Hedgehog
  8. My Love Leaves
  9. Slipstream
  10. Trough

Posted on April 5th, 2017


Homebeat & Nialler9 in association with O’Hara’s Irish Craft Beer proudly present Future Proof – a new series of events showcasing essential emerging and established acts who are weaving themselves into the present and future fabric of the Irish music scene.

Future Proof #1 takes place in the warm surroundings of Bello Bar on Wednesday March 22nd and features three of the most vibrant acts performing on these shores at this moment.

Cheapest tickets from €8 at Eventbrite –


In 2013, Come On Live Long released their acclaimed debut Everything Fall amassing over 5 million Spotify plays along the way. They have toured Canada, Ireland and The UK. The band are based in Dublin and have just released Bones To Break , the first single from their second album “In The Still” which will be released in May 2017.


Neil Watkins and Tim O’Donovan are the pop/synth/funk power duo behind Buffalo Woman. They combine the vocal drama of David Bowie and Scott Walker, the dark synths of Depeche Mode, the funk of Daft Punk, the stacked harmonies of Flaming Lips.


A debut live band show for Limerick’s Rory Hall who has been making some really interesting music in the vein of James Blake over the last few years: electronic neo-soul with minimal productions and bright vocals. Future Proof will be his debut gig with a full live band.

TICKETS : €8 Early Bird / €10 Regular Online / €13 On Door.

DOORS: 8 pm

Buy Tickets

About O Hara’s:

Founded by the O’Hara brothers, the brewery has revived a tradition that was once synonymous with the Barrow valley, the traditional heartland of the brewing industry in Ireland. Malted barley and hops were farmed extensively here, supported by the many old malting and grain mills that are still prevalent in the landscape. Records show that by the early part of the 19th Century there were five breweries in operation in Carlow. The last of these closed at the end of the 19th Century. With a dedication to quality reminiscent of the by gone brewers, the Carlow Brewing Co. has gone from strength to strength and now exports beers to a number of countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Scandinavia and Continental Europe.

Posted on March 11th, 2017


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Come On Live Long are re-emerging. Taking their time in following up their debut album, the band have been living in separate countries but keeping their ties together through their shared music pursuits, even when they are working on solo endeavours.

Last year, they shared ‘For The Birds’, a neo-soul style track that indicated a new sound for the band. Well prepared for that to turn on its head once more.

On ‘Bones To Break’, guitarist Daithí O’Connor takes the lead vocals for a song that shows a different side once again. It’s a song inspired by O’Connor’s time living in London and the sounds he heard in his East London neighbourhood (see below). The song will be featured on the second album In The Still to be released in May with a tour of Ireland to follow.

Daithí also expanded on the song’s construction in a Song Exploder-style audio doc:

Posted on February 14th, 2017


For the last couple of years, I’ve been compiling an up to date playlist of modern Irish music to celebrate and coincide with St. Patrick’s Day.

This year, I wanted to do something more to date and to roll it out across the year to coincide also with my weekly Irish Times column of new Irish music and as a companion to the general New Music playlist.

So today, I’m launching my New Irish Music weekly playlist which will be regularly updated. Because Irish music isn’t just for Paddy’s Day.

Join over 500 other listeners for fresh listens to new Irish music. There are songs from artists who have received support from Nialler9 in the last year or so from Brian Deady, Shit Robot, Roisin Murphy, Burnt Out, Saint Sister, I Have A Tribe, Le Galaxie, Rusangano Family, Come On Live Long, Daithi, Jape, Bitch Falcon, Pleasure Beach and many more.

The focus is on Irish music happening now, emerging and trending. I want this to be the definitive collection of new Irish music throughout the year in one place which I’ll be featuring as it comes on the site. Subscribe below.

Listen on Spotify

Subscribe to the newsletter too so you don’t miss out on any updates.

Posted on March 14th, 2016


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It’s been a term of regrouping for Come On Live Long in the past year or so since the album cycle of Everything Fall felt complete.

As a group of people, they’ve moved to different countries, and experienced major life events and as musicians, they’ve explored some once-off projects and tracks like ‘Trough’. Robert Ardiff released a solo EP. Louise Gaffney made Meltybrains? videos, Ken McCabe produced. That’s just what I’m aware of.

‘For The Birds’ feels like a rebirth. Gaffney takes lead vocal on a song that is new tact for the band, neo-electronic piano soul reminiscent of King and James Blake. The second half of the well-produced song brandishes a full band crescendo that hits in the guts.

It will feature on their forthcoming album Move As One due later this year and recorded in various studios.

Their next gig is April 2nd in the Unitarian Church.

Posted on March 11th, 2016



Come On Live Long’s singer Robert Ardiff has concocted a solo EP of material between takes from his main band.

The three-track EP The Fall comes across as one-half of the conversation that takes place musically in Come On Live Long with a strong songwriting identity shining through the largely acoustic and ambience-filled music. The EP is launched on the 26th of February in the Ranelagh Arts centre.

Get it at bandcamp.

Watch a video of Ardiff performing one of the songs in his back garden.

I have so many songs bouncing around my head and not all of these go with the Come on live long sound. I was playing a show of these songs in a cafe in Paris and afterwards a guy approached me asking if he could record me. I suggested we do it in the church and voila, this EP was born. I recorded a total of seven tracks. Three of which are on the EP. All the vocals and guitar were done in the same takes. When I came back to Ireland I showed them to Ken and he suggested adding new textures and that’s what you hear now.

Posted on February 15th, 2016

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Independent promoter Homebeat took over an office on Lennox Street and over the last few months, they’ve been offering coffee (Full Circle Roasters by Brian Birdy ☕️ 👏) out of the space downstairs called Thirty Four.

As part of that space, Emmett has just announced a series of Saturday afternoon gigs starting this week, that returns to their house/small show roots.

Each performance happens from 2pm to 3pm on each Saturday, starting this week with Come On Live Long. Here’s the Facebook event.
SAT FEB 6TH : Come On Live Long
SAT FEB 13TH : Wounded Healer
SAT FEB 20th : Anderson
SAT FEB 27th : Tiz Mcnamara

SAT MARCH 5th : Music Portrait Exhibition by Ruth Medjber
SAT MARCH 12th : NOCTURNES feat Pearse McGloughlin
SAT MARCH 19th : Carriages

Posted on February 2nd, 2016


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The new video for Come On Live Long’s seven minute song ‘Speak Up’ was shot by Mercedes Arturo & Nico Casavecchia in 15 different places in the world including Argentina, the States, Germany, England, Denmark, China and Thailand.

The accumulative captured home video trip vibe is a suitable match for the song’s genesis as the band wrote remotely between different cities they lived in.

Posted on July 8th, 2015


After Everything Fall, the Dublin band’s debut album, Come On Live Long released ‘Trough’, an ambient-birthed four minute track that suggested further ambitions.

‘Speak Up’ is similar in that, at seven minutes, it’s a brave length to tackle. Closer in tone to the band’s established sweeping indie dual vocal sound, ‘Speak Up’, produced by the band’s Ken McCabe pushes the band’s directness into a larger sonic space through instrumentation which includes synths, upright pianos, strings, bells and electronic patterns.

All the while the band’s core appeal of Robert Ardiff and Louise Gaffney trading vocal lines brings it all together to the point where you may not even notice seven minutes has elapsed.

The song was made remotely as members were residing in Roscommon, Paris, Malta, and London. Guest musicians from Meltybrains? include Micheál Quinn on drums (filling in for Steven Battle) and Tadhg Byrne on violin and viola.

Posted on June 25th, 2015

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Homebeat and Happenings’ Another Love Story was a small festival success story last year so it’s back this year from August 21st to 23rd in  the indoor spaces, ballroom, woods and parlour rooms of Killyon Manor, Kinnegad Co. Meath.

Announced so far are:

VERY SPECIAL GUEST, Loah, Leo Drezden, Come On Live Long, I Have A Tribe, Valerie Francis, Attention Bébé, Buffalo Woman, Margie Lewis, Ye Vagabonds, Tandem Felix, Paddy Hanna, Elephant, Tomorrows, SignA, Sun Collective, Anna Mieke, Kiruu & More tba.

DJs :

David Kitt (Permanant Vacation), Neil Flynn (Lossless), Sally Cinnamon, Andrew Kearny, Tim O’ Donovan, Nialler9 , T/A/S/T/E , Dj Hula Hoops , Glammo, Chuck & Will, ALS Djs , Vinyl Love

Occurrences and Corners :

Talks , Walks , Yoga , Qui Gong , Theatre , Roland’s Cinema D’amour , Glitteration Station by The Cat’s Meow , Guerilla Aerial , The Love Summit , The State & Of The Nation , The Deepest Darkest Woods Stage , The Teenage Crush Bar , The Library , The Parlour Room & MORE!

Weekend tickets start at €85+fee and there are limited day tickets. Dogs go free too. More info.

Artwork by Steve McCarthy.



Posted on May 25th, 2015


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