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The 100 best Irish songs of 2022

The 100 best Irish songs of 2022

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New Jackson, Mr. Silla

Reach For Me

A rolling expansive track with acoustic elements is a collaboration between David Kitt and Icelandic artist Mr Silla, who provides vocals, who likely met at Drop Everything on the Aran Islands a few years ago. The EP was released on Permanent Vacation.


Lullahush, Maria Kelly

Our Glass Lake

‘Our Glass Lake’ is a glitchy banger bursting at the seams with electronics and guitars that sound like they might blow out the speakers. It’s from electronic producer Lullahush in collaboration with Mayo singer-songwriter Maria Kelly and features on the debut album A City Made of Water and Small Love.



How To Change Your Mind

The artist Síomha’s debut album Infinite Space is bringing a lot to the table – which the musician calls “cosmic, folk-informed, jazz-tinged, post-pop.”

‘How To Change Your Mind’ is certainly a song of the cosmic persuasion, a melting pot of electronica, soul and jazz with Síomha’s effect-tinged big vocal melodies leading the celestial path. There’s a lot going on here, in a really gorgeous and impressive way.

The album was recorded in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Tyler Duncan and features some respected players like Joe Dart (Vulfpeck), Louis Cato (Bobby McFerrin/ Snarky Puppy), Michael Shimmin (the olllam), Martin Atkinson Borrul (TOUCAN) and violinist Jeremy Kittel (Bela Fleck/ Chris Thile).


Pillow Queens

Be By Your Side

‘Be By Your Side’ is an example of Pillow Queens’ open-hearted rock songwriting, which found on a consistent palette on second album Leave The Light On…

That “All of the time, all of the time, all of the time” post-chorus is the sprinkling of the magic.

“This song is about the mechanisms that are used to hide your vulnerabilities and carry on. But also, the feeling of being about to burst and how cathartic it could be to allow yourself to let your emotions out and feel the world around you. This was one of the first songs we finished on the album as it was the quickest to become fully realised by all of us.”

Singer/bassist Pamela Connolly.




Chxmist’s ‘Fleeting’ is one of those tracks that worms it way in with its insistent vocal and dynamic garage-electronic tones.

It’s from Dublin producer Conor Barry’s Chxmist EP called Reunion, on Lost Decay, a Faction Music imprint.


Henry Earnest


Soft Boy associate Henry Earnest released a seven-track long playing album called Dream River in February. It’s a collection of hazed organic alt-pop music, with pitch-shifted vocals.

‘Wings’ is the third track from the release, a Passion Pit-esque slice of warped pop.



Another Life

An A-grade dreamy soulful banger from Dublin artist Tomike. ‘Another Life’ was produced by Jack Suddaby, and it is their second collaboration.


Ispíní Na Héireann

Talk to Joe

Born from the trad sessions of the Cobblestone and the love of a good meme, Ispíní na hÉireann (Sausages of Ireland) gave us the humorous trad of ‘Talk To Joe’, a song about ringing up Joe Duffy Liveline to air local grievances.

The band are one of Nialler9’s 20 best new Irish artists of 2022 .


Mix & Fairbanks


Kildare disco duo Mix & Fairbanks released ‘Labyrinth’ on House Of Disco, that makes use of a calling out vocal sample to offer release on its bubbling electronic disco track. A Ron Basejam remix is on the flip, along with a track called ‘Toecutter’.


Narolane, Denise Chaila, MuRli & God Knows

Rent Free

‘Rent Free’ is a big booming tune with a new style displayed from the Narolane crew, bringing a clubbier Amapiano-inspired hip-hop sound to proceedings with Denise singing the song’s gook and MuRli and God Knows dropping fierce verses.

The song is produced by Ian Ring (Boku), with additional production by Denise Chaila & MuRli and was recorded at The Clinic Recording Studios. Ruairi Lynch aka Bantum plays guitar on the track and there’s even some sneaky background vocals from Mango on it.

It slaps hard, with references to DOOM, Lord Of The Rings, Run DMC and Enya.



nauseous (with Shane Richardson; Adam LC)

Irish producer Luke O’Brien aka Fozsa who returned with a two-tracker with the lead song ‘Nauseous’ featuring a twisted Shane Richardson vocal (of Ugolino) and singer Adam LC.

O’ Brien is currently studying Architecture and wants his music to reflect a spatial sort of escapism.


Last Apollo


Dublin artist Lucy Rice aka Last Apollo displays an ease at writing memorable indie pop hooks with nous on her second ever single ‘Reservoir’.


Le Boom; Æ MAK

Friday Night

‘Friday Night’ was the first Le Boom song of three in 2022, which were the first singles from the electro-pop project in three years since ‘Dancing Bug’. Christy Leech has teamed up with AE MAK once again on this slinky dancing bop. There’s a clubbier version on Bandcamp too.


Really Good Time

Afternoon Tea

Really Good Time is a new band made up of former members of Dublin band Beach / Fat Pablo and electronic producer Diolmhain Ingram Roche AKA Wastefellow.

‘Afternoon Tea’ is one of three 2022 singles from “Dublin’s hottest post-crunk apré-garde super group,” and is a fine melding of buzzsaw riffs, wry writ and taut rock arrangements. Please, “don’t touch the good cups / I’m saving them up.”

Really Good Time are one of our top 20 new Irish artists of 2022.



Bored of Men

The Dublin, London and Bristol band M(h)aol, (whose name is pronounced “male’), have shown a preoccupation with concepts around gender (naming their debut EP Gender Studies underscores it), whether it’s being female in a male-dominated industry, the women of Magdalene Laundries or male violence.

On ‘Bored Of Men’, Róisín Nic Ghearailt, Constance Keane, Jamie Hyland, Zoe Greenway, and Sean Nolan are just plain done with talking the institutional systems that prop up patriarchy, as a de facto position.


Daithí, Ailbhe Reddy


‘Sunset’ is the opening track from electronic producer Daithí‘s third album I’m Here Now, and reunites the Clare musician with Dublin singer-songwriter Ailbhe Reddy (as they previously collaborated on 2019’s album L.O.S.S.).

The song sets suspended synth chords to Reddy’s vocals that speak of underlying turmoil and relationship breakdown – “If you can’t even look at me / then just stare at the sunset / I know it’s getting late / you don’t have to go yet.”



Before I Die

‘Before I Die’ is a highlight from producer Oliveyolive’s debut album Life Of Colour, a future soul electronic tune, with percussive hits and stabs and a simple vocal hook illuminated by warm piano tones and breaks.


Aby Coulibaly

On My Ones

Rising 22-year-old R&B Dubliner Aby Coulibaly and her label Chamomile hooked up with English-based label AMF Records (now rekindled, previously involved with the likes of Loyle Carner and Greentea Peng) for the release of single ‘On My Ones’,

“’On My Ones’ is about enjoying my own company and being by myself. I’ve always been that person to leave functions/parties early because I’m tryna go home to my bed. It’s also about disconnecting myself from everything like social media, even friends sometimes, because I just need to sit with my own thoughts and emotions and be in my own company for a while”

Aby Coulibaly on quitting her day job & building a rep during the pandemic




The young Galway indie-rock band NewDad‘s second EP Banshee, recorded with Chris W Ryan of Robocobra Quartet, saw the band go from strength to strength.

‘Spring’ is a highlight of the EP, a confident studio recording with the band’s increasingly-trademark atmospheric shoegaze guitar music anchored by singer Julie Dawson’s warm vocals.



Love of Your Life

‘Love of Your Life’ is a surprising ballad love song punctuated by a string arrangement from Dublin-based alternative artist Kynsy‘s Something To Do With Love EP.

“‘Love of your Life’ is an expression of that feeling and thought process you go through when you first meet someone you really like. When you’re in the early stages of infatuation with them and you fantasise over what the two of you could possibly become in the future.”

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