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2013 was the year that music really maxed out on time. There was so much music about that it was hard to keep up, even just in Ireland.  Below you’ll find a list of my favourite Irish songs, albums and EPs of 2013. Keeping my choices to 30 was hard but necessary. These were my favourites, my most-played, the ones I loved the most, the releases and tunes that I feel helped define what this country does in musical terms this year, as well as being the ones that I’d recommend to international friends and visitors.

As is customary, I’m also asking you guys to give me your top Irish albums, songs, EPs, gigs, clubs and more. I’ve also got some sweet prizes up for grabs for those who enter. Once, the voting closes on December 18th, I’ll collate the lists and post them here for all to see as with the last seven years.


Nialler9′s top 30 Irish albums of 2013

  1. I Am The Cosmos – Monochrome
  2. Mano Le Tough – Changing Days
  3. Girls Names – The New Life
  4. Villagers – {awayland}
  5. Come On Live Long - Everything Fall
  6. Lasertom – Drift
  7. Lisa O’Neill – Same Cloth Or Not
  8. Solar Bears – Supermigration
  9. Space Dimension Controller – Welcome to Mikrosector-50
  10. Dancing Suns – Goldmine
  11. And So I Watch You From Afar – All Hail Bright Futures
  12. Little Green Cars – Absolute Zero
  13. Tieranniesaur – DIYSCO
  14. Ensemble Eriu – Ensemble Eriu
  15. Somadrone – The First Wave
  16. Cian Nugent & The Cosmos - Born With the Caul
  17. Squarehead – Respect
  18. Pearse McGloughlin and Justin Grounds – Idiot Songs
  19. Enemies – Embark, Embrace
  20. Biggles Flys Again – Remember Saturday
  21. Chequerboard - The Unfolding
  22. Sounds Of System Breakdown – Nomad
  23. Halves – Boa Howl
  24. Cat Dowling – The Believer
  25. Sunken Foal – Friday Syndrone Vol 2
  26. Bouts – Nothing Good Gets Away
  27. Kill Krinkle Club – Oxen Of The Sun
  28. Ghost Maps – The Ocean From The River
  29. Emakousma – Island
  30. The Late David Turpin – We Belong Dead

Spotify album playlist

Nialler9′s top 30 Irish songs of 2013

  1. New Jackson – ‘Sat Around Here Waiting’
  2. James Vincent McMorrow – ‘Cavalier’
  3. Daithí - ‘Chamelon Life’
  4. Come On Live Long – ‘Little Ones’
  5. Not Squares – ‘Simpler Vibe’
  6. Hozier – ‘Take Me To Church’
  7. Bande Apartment  - ‘Lubricating Rita’
  8. MMOTHS – ‘All These Things’ (feat. Holly Miranda)
  9. Shit Robot  featuring Luke Jenner of The Rapture – ‘Feels Real’ 
  10. Young Wonder featuring Sacred Animals – ‘Time’
  11. Liza Flume - ‘What We Called Love’
  12. Bicep - ‘Stash’
  13. I Am The Cosmos – ‘Leaving/The Shift’
  14. Lethal Dialect - ’13 Til Infinity’
  15. Little Green Cars – ‘Kitchen Floor’
  16. Spies – ‘Distant Shorelines’
  17. Dancing Suns – ‘The World’
  18. Mano Le Tough - ‘Please’
  19. Le Galaxie – ‘Lucy Is Here’
  20. Clu – ‘Moonrunner’
  21. little xs for eyes – ‘Summer Stay’
  22. Villagers - ‘Nothing Arrived’
  23. Solar Bears – ‘A Sky Darkly’
  24. White Collar Boy – ‘SUUU’ Frank B remix
  25. Chrystyne – ‘Time Is An Arrow’
  26. We Cut Corners – ‘YKK’
  27. The Mighty Stef - ‘The Hardship’
  28. Tvvins - ‘Two Worlds’
  29. Slow Skies – ‘On The Shore’
  30. Somadrone – ‘Reckoning’

Spotify songs playlist.

Nialler9′s top 10 EPs of 2013

  1. MMOTHS – Diaries 
  2. Young Wonder – Show Your Teeth
  3. Katharine Philippa – Broken to be Rebuilt
  4. R.S.A.G. – Rotate
  5. White Collar Boy – Suuu/Tide
  6. Ghosts – WLVS
  7. Forrests – Wilder
  8. Colm K - The Love EP
  9. The Mighty Stef – Iveagh Flats EP
  10. EeOOo – Angel EP

Spotify EPs playlist.


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7 Responses to “Nialler9′s Readers’ Poll & top Irish albums, songs & EPs of 2013”

  1. John Paul Feehily

    Surprised Alias Empire’s Safety in Numbers from last April isn’t on the list. Definitely one of my top albums from 2013, full stop. Great 2nd album after a few turbulent years for the lads. Fingers crossed for another Choice music prize nod.

  2. stephen quinn

    That’s a nice snapshot of the year and looking at that list and the choice music prize album list ( it suggests that our indigenous ‘music industry’ is now overwhelmingly ‘independent’. While mainstream media, especially radio, still by in large panders to the major/bigger labels. More royalties through radio/tv play for these artists would mean more money in the local economy. The current ratio of independent music exposure seems like false economy to me.

  3. Paul

    Why, when I click on Goldmine by Dancing Suns, do I end up at Awayland by Villagers? I want to hear what Goldmine sounds like.


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